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Manhunt 3 Petition

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What's this petition about?

Manhunt, a video game created by developer Rockstar Games and released in 2003 (marking its 10th anniversary this year), has seemingly come to an end after 2007's lackluster sequel Manhunt 2.

I think most fans have given up any hope of a new entry in this series ever seeing the light of day. I don't agree, I think there are a number of valid reasons (both creatively and financially) that this game can and should still happen.

I strongly believe that there is still a desire to make a new Manhunt game within at least one of Rockstar Game's many studios, I think it's just a matter of showing Take-Two Interactive (Rockstar's parent company) that there is still a high demand.

More about the game itself.

As often with many trilogies, the third entry returns to the original. I think there are many stories still to explore, who is Mr. Nasty (I mean really, delve into that story deeper), Piggsy's origins and so forth.

Sign the petition.

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Richard Brown
Manhunt was brilliant!  Manhunt 2 was, well, the second in a trilogy is always a bit crap, isn't it...

Jack E Kunert

Kyle Ingle
Best game series ever.

Zachary Denton

Ricardo Ferreira

Charles Darwin
I really miss killing people with screwdrivers, glass shards and other common materials. Pls bring my favourite murder simulator back.

Justin Taylor Smith
When the first game in this series came out, I was twelve years old. I played the hell out of that game and guess what? I'm a perfectly normal, functional human being. I have no desire to kill.

Zach Ersman
Richard Brown obviously hasn't seen Aliens, Terminator 2, or played the uncensored version of Manhunt 2 ;) Mod a wii and download it! Oh yeah, MANHUNT 3!!!!

jarel ivory
make man hunt 3 or wake up naked in jail!

thomas murray

Preston Weaver

roland reyes
Man hunt 3!!!

Dell Conagher
Fellas, I think we're long overdue for a sequel to this fantastic bit of game engineering.

James Souvie
It would be nice to see a Manhunt 3. But R-Star will probably fuck the PC community again. We'll see.

Peter Butler
These games were creepy and awesome...I'd love to see some more :)!

Adrián Ortiz
manhunt 3 please! the first of the series was the best of the best! brilliant executions, awesome stealth, fun to play and addicting.

James T. Williams

John Stone

Joe Frasher
Make MH3 like the first one and you will have a day one customer! :) This game needs to happen.. games are art, art is freedom of expression. The mass public will hate it but you are not making it for them, you are making it for the people who appreciate content which is considered taboo

Michael Carbajal

Sam Adams
"NURRRRSEEE!"  "He took my DAMN SHOES!!!"

James Edwin Allard
It must be done. I'm itching for something new.

Seth Cotton

Nicholas Joseph

Rhett Szymanski
This was a great horror game with an insane story.

Arseny Pechorin

Josh Sumley
We want MANHUNT ONLINE!!!! Imagine being able to be the hunters or the hunted. hunters could only see from their point of view meaning you could be stealth killed. R* needs to make this happen.

Ruben Villalobos

Aureliano Aguilar
Hell Yeah!  more carnage and mayhem and GORE!!!!!!!

Matthew Schaeffer
Come on Rockstar!

Diego Lugo
I've been waiting for a next gen Manhunt game just imagine what they could do with the GTA V engine!

Dakota Lane Stockwell

Leon Rosenberg
I would kill for another Manhunt game.

Balaji Asari
Manhunt is one of most chillingly dark delicious gruesome smart thought provoking experiences out there on any medium anywhere.  One of the best Videogame  experiences for me. 

Killian M. Walsh
This series deserves a better send-off than Manhunt 2. :)

Paweł Brożek
I'd like play Manhunt one more time. The game is addictive. I want Manhunt 3!!!

chris davis
red ead, max payne, gta - the time is now.

Ryan Murphy


Steven Anthony Wood
Manhunt 3 or GTFO

Dakota J Jankowski
Manhunt 3, manhunt HD collection with manhunt 2 uncut

Bailey Moblo

Megan Brown
Loved the first one. REALLY loved the second. Here's to hoping there will be a third!

Andry Knyazev
Yes, I want Manhunt 3, but only for PC

Phillip Rogan
indeed I do want one

Walter Sobchak
I search manhunt 3 news every few months, happy to wind up here. Make it, preferably AO rating on the PC, you can't sell a watered down censored version.

Zacharia Benbrahim
I been waiting forever for this joint!

Dominick Roland Nickles
I would love to see a Manhunt 3. Manhunt was such a brilliantly made series and I would love to see Rockstar continue the series.

Gabriel Salomaa
We want Manhunt 3!!!

Jerrid V Green
Best damn videogame ever made.

Angel Class
Dude manhunt was fucking awesome I would cool to see a part 3

Hunter Trammell
I beat Manhunt 1 & 2 when I was in my early teen years.

Adrian Fernandez Aguilar

Kace Scheitlin
Manhunt has some of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding gameplay of the last decade. To this day, it remains a benchmark for me when it comes to stealth and/or psychological horror. The amount of creativity and originality displayed in it have earned some of my fondest gaming memories.

frank flaminio
A third game would be good just go closer to the first with the violence not the second

Clayton Luce
Manhunt is one of the best horror series ever created. We all know Rockstar wants to continue the franchise. Give them that opportunity to expand the series to a whole new level.

The Writer
Just as T****** said.

Michael Martin
I would truly love to bear witness to Manhunt 3! Just spit balling some ideas here: Combo Weapons ex; lighter & aerosol can, Upgradable Stats, Set booby traps, Weapon Deterioration/Modification ex; nails in baseball bat. 

Jae Nicolas Ham
We need this game! Nothing can hold up to the epicness of the original. So please make this third game!!!!!! Or atleast a remastered original.

John Foster
Please rockstar! Ever since the new consoles I was afraid this series would get left with the ps2.. Us the fans want more of this series! no other game has such a dark and twisted sinister style. I hope that with video games now being taken as a freedom of expression. you will have no censors!thanks

William j takacs
I've been waiting for a long time, where is manhunt 3? 

Connor riddell
No hesitation on this one, Bring US MANHUNT 3!

Michael Smith
The first game was a dream come true the gang's were all great and the twists and turns were spot on. The second installments plot was easy to call out and was a rather short game but the new deaths were terrific I think if they combined the two with its own new flare the 3rd would be mind blowing.

MANHUNT 3!!!!!!


Abraham Fierro
I would really like to see another Manhunt in the series, I played Manhunt when I was 8 and then pre-ordered Manhunt 2 and loved both.

Jakob Pihl
Manhunt 3 is what we want and Manhunt 3 is what we'll get!

Joe Saulino

Stefan Bischelberger

Eddie Taylor

José araujo leite neto
manhunt is the best game ever.

Dean West

Alec Thompson
Been playing this game since I first heard it being released around the same time as GTA IV. Honestly? I prefrr the Manhunt series over the GTA series, and that says a lot.

Paul W. Cadrain
I loved the first game. The second game was so/so.


Jarrod Addorisio
Please make it happen Rockstar

Cameron Lazcano
Please Rockstar. 

Only you, R* have enough balls to give people what they really want. Wish Manhunt 3 to be real.

Vincente Denis Soro
Please for my organs...

Benjamin Burkholder
There's so much potential for Manhunt 3!! Please give us what we want!!

Sergio Hernandez

Lee Everett
Manhunt 3! Manhunt 3! Manhunt 3!

Victor Leeds

Ivan lopez

Marianna Alice Polizzi
I really like Manhunt series! I hope Manhunt 3 has a very realistic graphic like GTA V...

john smith
Manhunt 3

lynn smith
Manhunt 3

Bobbie benson

Gary Greggs

Fernando Fernandez

Julius masters
Manhunt is a one of a kind game and we all love that!!!!!!!

Drew alley
Manhunt 3 please, bring back cash

Manpreet Singh
Yeah, bring it on..!!

Renan Matos

Jeff Fagan
This series needs to bring back James Earl Cash in MH3...As a prequel...Let us find out HOW and WHY he got sentenced to death in the original MH1...

Ryan Bennett
Manhunt was thee highlight of my childhood idc what others may think I loved the game I loved the violence the story the music the characters Brian cox and I grew up to be happy and normal well maybe dysfunctional but I'm on my way to become a cop so fuck parents who try to rid my teen hood of blood

Brandon Cutshaw

Henry H
Manhunt 3, focus on creating a improved hd equivalent of the first and include more weapons, kills and psycopathic characters with a snuff bacstory and completely forget about manhunt 2 and i will buy on release PLEASE make manhunt 3

João Vítor Freire
Since "Machael santa" that was mentioned in carcer city in 1988 ...

Haziq Khan
ireally really want a third manhunt game, more so than even gta ,.but please don't censor it!!.

nicholas peter urgero

Colm Fox

Alejandro Morales
Manhunt PS Vita!!!

Raul Romano
I would like a new sequel of Manhunt. Coming back to first part; dynamics and concepts, part 2 just lost the magic of adrenaline and fear of human behaviour.

Joseph Farruggio
And.............  ACTION

Nichoals Brown
One of the greatest games ever! I would love to see a third Manhunt!

Daniel mendoza
Your game is fucking brilliant! Please release manhunt 3! Don't give up on us. Manhunt is 10 times better than grand theft auto!!!!

Daniel Ky

Brandon Sandage
Can we also get a sequel and/or remake to Body Harvest?

Eugene Lopez
Please make a new Manhunt. The 1st Manhunt was  one of the finest horror games ever made! Imagine that awesome special edition!!!

Joseph Dugan
Honestly i think it should be made i mean we have waited all this time for it everyone is going to have a bitch whine and moan over it like the lawyer dick but it was a good ass game and i think i would at least would like to see one more game. Games don't kill people end of story ego's do.

John Keifer Distefano-Bell
Long live Manhunt!

Chris Ernest
Manhunt was a classic gritty stealth game, would love another one.

Asad Ahmed Khan
Manhunt,  the most original game ever made.  Fan from Pakistan

Tobias Franz
MANHUNT3 has to happen!

Robert Hernandez
I loved the first Manhunt game.

Salim Khamidi

I want Manhunt 3 please!!!!

please make manhunt 3

Daniella Rolf
Give us Manhunt 3!

Give me more meat!


Stoica Andrei

Daniel Ilie
I want manhunt 3 to come out,I love every rockstar game, especially Manhunt and GTA and I want Manhunt 3 to be a game not just a rumor.  Stealth Killer 4 LIFE.

Marcus Grist
Please make Manhunt 3. There is so much you can do to make it amazing.

Jacob Skilich
make the fucking game happen you bitch ass devs.

Liam Oxtoby
The series was great, it still is, and holds a special place in my somewhat sadistic heart. Manhunt 2 was great and not in any way lacklustre, the uncut PC version that is, the Manhunt series can't end here. Come on Rockstar, there's been more violent games than Manhunt now, you can do this!

Guillard Léo
Please make the third, the best serie of game !

Ромзик D.L
Rockstat make manhunt 3 please!!!!we want manhunt 3 .i love this game .manhunt is the best game i ever played.make 3rd manhunt!i waiting for it

make manhunt 3!!

R* i want manhunt 3!!

Rock Stars of devils decided to fuck at all with the release of the third game of the series manhunt and actually ass ie games will not even shoot yourself Met your

Stoyan Donchev
helll yeaaahhh ....make make make ....:DDDD

juan jose dominguez
sinceramente el juego mas atrapante y fabuloso de toda la historia , es tremendo , les ruego tendrian que hacer manhunt 3 sin dudas , para playstation 4

John Kargan
We need to get this petition known to more people, the more signatures the better.

Sam James Porter
I love rockstar games and I love the manhunt series the most.

Balagansky Alexander
Manhunt 3!

Balagansky Alexander
Manhunt 3!

Jose Lopez
part one was the best game ever

Robert Barnes
manhunt is a masterpiece, we need a third chapter

Mereana Glersgov
We need MANHUNT 3!!!

Salim K
MANHUNT 3!!!!!!!

Salim K
MANHUNT 3!!!!!!!


fabio franco
Si, lo voglio!

Jonathan Marks
We want Manhunt 3! Rockstar games, please! I truly believe tere is a lot more Manhunt fans than it looks like and if you think new Manhunt will have a lot of troubles, think again. How many really brutally gory games came out in past 3 years? Saw, Mortal Kombat. They're even more gory than Manhunt!

Daniel Lamb
Finish the story.

Zach Carlson
No one cares about violence in games anymore.

Justin Budde
I would love to see Manhunt 3. Manhunt was my favorite childhood game for the Playstation 2. The second one was amazing on the PC. I deeply hope that Rockstar or some company would to get the rights to make this trilogy complete.

John David Newton
The original Manhunt was amazing, the second could've been a little better. If you make Manhunt 3, bring back James Earl Cash! We all need some brutal violence now and again.

Make a Manhunt 3.

david methe

Kadin Osceola

Salem Blackwater
This game was so epic. A 3rd installment of the series on these new gen consoles would look sick. Lets bring Manhunt back.

Bradley David Charron
The original MANHUNT was, in my opinion one of the scariest, most creative and innovative games of all time. It would be a shame if this franchises possibilities weren't explored on next gen consoles.

Konner Shea
PLEASE give us a new manhunt Take-Two/Rockstar!

Vlad Udin
It was best bloody game ever

Tim Burke
One of the greatest Franchise ever made. Pure, evil and genius. Please Take-Two give us a third Part in brilliant graphic on the PS4 !!!

Francis White

Emanuel Pihl
This is without a doubt the most awesome franchise ever! There HAS TO BE a third installment! Rockstar Games and Take2Interactive, would you do us the honor of making the fans, wich is us, happy?

Chris Bowman

Benjamin Cid
manhunt 3 pleez

Matthew Martin
Manhunt to me is a very well made game and even manhunt 2 was well done as well . if rockstar made a manhunt 3 i think it would be amazing on the rage engine who cares about the controversy just make it rated for adults i am pretty sure everyone will buy it still

Luke Redmond
i would love to see rockstar continue this amazing series! the nostalgia with this game is heavy and another entry would be fantastic

laï christophe
please make a new manhunt, based of the first the return of james Earl cash. The revenge of son's starkweather, hoping listen the real fans in the world. thanx

Wolfgang Lavissiere

Would be the most  waited for almost all gamer fans in the world

Craig Taylor
Manhunt was pure gold! Rockstar, develop number 3!!

max blackmon

alexander frøyna

Alexander Scannapiego

Declan Llewellin
Without another Manhunt, I will have to return to the real streets, killing the common hooker and mormons, but with Manhunt 3 i wouldnt need to do that.

Hernán Elias Pérez
Please make Manhunt 3!! is one of the best franchises i've ever played :D

Dimitar Prodanov
Both manhunt games were brilliantly made with an interesting background story about the whole game and not just a meaningless slaughter game. With today's capabilities of game graphics, Manhunt 3 will kick ass.

Jaycee Castaneda
Manhunt was a fun game back in my childhood days shame its not around anymore I hope you guys continue this series on from manhunt 2 too 3 so Kids nowadays will know what we used to play.

Angel Ortiz
The manhunt series was just AMAZING for the Hardcore Gamers it had such a great storyline it was like a Bloody red cherry on a snow white icing cake. ALL I GOT TO SAY IS FINISH THE STORY !! GIVE THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT :D

Dale bra
I want manhunt 3 it would be great I recon split screen co op mode in this one say a story line of 2 friends or brothers or brother and sister even 

Sam Lewis

Marina Aleginova

James Caroll

Randal Tyler Collier-Ford
Make it so!

Joel Brennan Brewster

Michael Pineda
I bought Manhunt back in 2003 on the PS2 when I was about 10. :3

Colin mcrae
only 183 signs!? i bet there is more manhunt fans, cmon and sign it, its not take even a minute!

Willian Tyoji
Please Rockstar, it's him  or us. Go on.

cj ruiz

Steven Matos

Cody Rhinehart
Manhunt was one of the best games ever created and it doesn't deserve to die after only two games please bring it back.

Aidan Chappell
A Manhunt game with today's visuals... c'mon R*, you know you want it

cameron monks

Luke Diugao
marvelous game tbh

Brandon Lee Clay
please bring cash back n make it like the first

Carl Johnson
Rockstar read all of these comments and youll understand. stop attempting to make online games (gta5) and make a nother manhunt!

Rasmus Kronsell
Give me Manhunt 3!

Lukas Rudzevičius
Manhunt didn't have a terrific storyline but it's style and gameplay was something else. Here's hoping for another sequel as great as the first! (2nd one sucked)

My Karsslon

Philipp Mayer

Maurice Mirsoltani
I would buy the game ! I love it !

Jonny Dolan
We need a Manhunt 3!!!!! -l-

Mark Andreasen
We need a Manhunt 3. The first was one of the creepiest survival horror stealth games I've ever played and a true classic.

Cheyenne Underwood
Cmon Rock star... Stop dicking around and give us Manhunt 3 or a reboot of the classic Manhunt. We need this highly controversial serial killing simulator on next gen... Adult rated.

Tomás Ignacio
Everyone want this game! is awesome:)

Maurice Lessiter
Please make it

Moriz Miller
LOve it !!!!!!!

James Earl Cash
Get back to business

isaiah justice

Alexander Patrick Susky

Maria Limon
These Manhunt games were and still are the best. Its just the weak minded people the due to stupid stuff like imitating the game that brings it down and thats including the retarded media. Hear our voices and bring us MANHUNT 3!!!

derrick cooney
yes this game was controversial but doesn't controversary create cash...speaking of cash shouldn't he return if there will hopefully be a third.

Justin sennott
Manhunt online!

Miles O'Connor
The memories of sitting in the dark, palms sweating, hands shaking, have been some of the most enjoyable  memories  for me in gaming.

Stan Moretz
Just finished playing through both of these again, such badass games. Would definitely love to see a 3rd Manhunt.

collen c. turner
Man hunt 3 needs to be. I loved man hunt but 2 was lame so three should be made so we fans can get an emotional refund from the suckage that was man hunt 2. Take two owes us.

Barry Dunne
Please release Manhunt 3 and release the Manhunt games in HD format too! :)

Barry Dunne
Please release Manhunt 3 and release the Manhunt games in HD format too! :)

Dustin Sonny Lee Hare Allman
I loved manhunt 1 as a kid and manhunt 2 was a big part of my highschool, i might not have survived without all that stress relief! I am now 18 and in the USMC and i still need this game! Please rockstar bring me back to the ultra-violence that brought me hours of joy, heck it still does!

Blake Lowers
I'm sure there's many Manhunt fans including myself that would like to see a third game, fight the power Rockstar. Go against the odds and get this sequel done, for us fans!!!!!!!

Manhunt 3 sounds awesome

Ulises Guzman
Manhunt a brilliant saga!

Chris Wood
Hands down best games peiduced. A third totally needs to happen.

Justin McDonald
Pleeeeease, God, erm, Rockstar, make a new Manhunt.

Scott Webster

ryan murphy
manhunt fan forever. At least give us a re-boot with upgraded graphics + a few new weapons. My dream would be to give us 2 levels so we could play one of the gangs that got left out or a new one.

Connor Harry Major
Would love to see this on next gen

Robert Monahan Hunter
Ive been google searching Manhunt 3 for years.  This needs to happen.  Ive gone over probably hundereds of plot concepts that would work wonderfully in my head.  I know that more people have to want this game than just myself.

Edward Samuels
You can't do this. I need manhunt 3. Greatness awaits, join the movement, and embrace the hunt!

Daniel Howard
I would like to see Manhunt  3 on the PlayStation 4 with the graphics gore and executions please make Manhunt 3

Greg courtemanche

A (Vienna cut) of ManHunt2 would be ideal. A ManHunt3 just must be.

James T. Williams
manhunt 3 wooooo!

Alexander Zakharov
Manhunt 1 had an awesome atmosphere, and just masterpiece sound effects and ambient. I quiet miss those nights I spent with my door locked, my lights shut and the screams of the victims

jesus manuel lopez-gonzalez
the first manhunt was great and original as hell! why not make another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joseph Manning
I have been a fan from the beginning through the censored second game, there is nothing I have ever played like it, bring it back!

Gabriel Pavoski
Manhunt is a piece of R* history no matter what you think about it, the games are made for an a mature and adult audience, the bad parents who blame a simple game for their misfortune and lack of disciplining their sons, so the brainwashing media can just spread their bs about it,M3 needs to happen.

Chris Deriquito

Joao Cambronero
I want more gore, better graphics, and I want a new protagonist!

Austin Potts
It might be fun to mix things up and play as various gangs hunting assorted "runners".

please Rockstar make manhunt 3.we all want to play this great game.i love manhunt series.

Sue Strange
Revive Manhunt for the new gen consoles...

Donatien De Sade
Yeah, I want to see it!

André Lehnhardt
please make finally the third part :D

Jeffrey Vargas

Simón Alejandro Zenteno Godoy

Ethan Yanders
Please make Manhunt 3!!!

Robert Joseph Moran

Johnathan Campbell
Loved the first two and have been dying for a third.

John Johnson
There needs to be a next gen manhunt.....please.

Amedeo Capuana

Coza Revell
im a huge fan of the manhunt series i loved the brutality in the games and the twists too

Marc Medina

Victor Hugo Mejia Madrigal
Necesitamos Manhunt 3!

Daniel Lang
Manhunt Reihe sind die besten games ever auf Playstation 2 gewesen,hoffe das doch noch der 3. Teil kommt.

Pedman Falamarzian
Rockstar we love Manhunt for the violence fuck the rest of the system

Brian Green
Enough is enough.... Get this  game on the road. The people have spoken.

Seton Guttormson
The original manhunt is by far the best game I've ever played. I've played new games for new systems, but I keep gravitating back to Manhunt for my PS2. I didn't care to much for Manhunt 2 for the Wii.  It just wasn't the same. Make a third, like the original, I will buy it!  "Ok..On you go."

Barry Taylor
Yo Bitches!

Jack Hamnett

Martin Schubert

Mason Jansen
Please make the next installment to the Manhunt series. Do it for the fans.

Ethan Carpenter
I would love to see a manhunt 3. I actually thought the second one was interesting, even on the Wii

Marco Kelm
Both games are brilliant! Cash and Piggsy are cult figures today and the story of the second game is just genious. You think ´holy shit´ when the truth will be revealed. I would love to see another Manhunt game! Regards, march 27 2014

Kurt Jenson
One of the best stealth titles ever. Until Rockstar officially says "NO!" I won't give up hope of one day seeing Manhunt 3.

James Carl Cash
(Yes that's my real name)

James Carl Cash
(Yes that's my real name)

Szymon Piasecki

Anthony Patterson
Manhunt 3 on ps4/Xbone? Badass

James Danny Hopkins
MAKE MANHUNT 3 WITH A FEMALE PROTAGONIST!!!! Or just bring back James Earl Cash...

Jesus Christ

Alexander Chulkov
Great game! Much better and more entertaining than other Rockstar titles.

Derbinskii Alexei

Eric Ortiz

William Bordt
Please Rockstar, you HAVE to make the ultimate horror video game in Manhunt 3. I would also love for the new protagonist to be female. Only one more year left for the 360/PS3 games to be made - we don't want it to be made TOO realistic, now do we? ;)

Justin Henderson

Warren Leach
Imagine the brutality on the PS3, PS4, PC or Xbox with the updated graphics. GTA V got nothing on those sales.

Erik Richardson
Please make Manhunt 3 or Reboot or continue James Earl Cash's story! Something! Please! Die hard fan here

Chris Evans
Please make Manhunt 3, I love the series.

Paul Fagan
Cash Lives!!!

jeffnai caue de sousa carvalho
please guys, do manhunt 3.

Alec Matthew brososky
Manhunt was one of the greatest games on any console to this day. Gritty and wonderful plot line, creepy and appropriate soundtrack, brutal combat, and a bad ass antihero. Imagine this recreated on modern console

Brent Quivey
I love this game franchise. I would be more than happy to play another sequel to one of my favorite game series' from my favorite game developers.