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Manhunt, a video game created by developer Rockstar Games and released in 2003, has seemingly come to an end after 2007's lackluster sequel Manhunt 2 (which I personally loved).

I think most fans have given up any hope of a new entry in this series ever seeing the light of day. I don't agree; I think there are a number of valid reasons (both creatively and financially) that this game can and should still happen.

I strongly believe that there is still a desire to make a new Manhunt game within at least one of Rockstar Game's many studios. I think it's just a matter of showing Take-Two Interactive (Rockstar's parent company) that there is still a high demand.

More about the game itself.

As often with many trilogies, the third entry returns to the original. I think there are many stories still to explore: who is Mr. Nasty (I mean really, delve into that story deeper), Piggsy's origins, and so forth.

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Halloween Love
I loved both Manhunt and Manhunt 2, and would take anything, even a remake of the first Manhunt.

Richard Brown
Manhunt was brilliant!  Manhunt 2 was, well, the second in a trilogy is always a bit crap, isn't it...

Jack E Kunert

Kyle Ingle
Best game series ever.

Zachary Denton

Ricardo Ferreira

Charles Darwin
I really miss killing people with screwdrivers, glass shards and other common materials. Pls bring my favourite murder simulator back.

Justin Taylor Smith
When the first game in this series came out, I was twelve years old. I played the hell out of that game and guess what? I'm a perfectly normal, functional human being. I have no desire to kill.

Zach Ersman
Richard Brown obviously hasn't seen Aliens, Terminator 2, or played the uncensored version of Manhunt 2 ;) Mod a wii and download it! Oh yeah, MANHUNT 3!!!!

jarel ivory
make man hunt 3 or wake up naked in jail!

thomas murray

Preston Weaver

roland reyes
Man hunt 3!!!

Dell Conagher
Fellas, I think we're long overdue for a sequel to this fantastic bit of game engineering.

James Souvie
It would be nice to see a Manhunt 3. But R-Star will probably fuck the PC community again. We'll see.

Peter Butler
These games were creepy and awesome...I'd love to see some more :)!

Adrin Ortiz
manhunt 3 please! the first of the series was the best of the best! brilliant executions, awesome stealth, fun to play and addicting.

James T. Williams

John Stone

Joe Frasher
Make MH3 like the first one and you will have a day one customer! :) This game needs to happen.. games are art, art is freedom of expression. The mass public will hate it but you are not making it for them, you are making it for the people who appreciate content which is considered taboo

Michael Carbajal

Sam Adams
"NURRRRSEEE!"  "He took my DAMN SHOES!!!"

James Edwin Allard
It must be done. I'm itching for something new.

Seth Cotton

Nicholas Joseph

Rhett Szymanski
This was a great horror game with an insane story.

Arseny Pechorin

Josh Sumley
We want MANHUNT ONLINE!!!! Imagine being able to be the hunters or the hunted. hunters could only see from their point of view meaning you could be stealth killed. R* needs to make this happen.

Ruben Villalobos

Aureliano Aguilar
Hell Yeah!  more carnage and mayhem and GORE!!!!!!!

Matthew Schaeffer
Come on Rockstar!

Diego Lugo
I've been waiting for a next gen Manhunt game just imagine what they could do with the GTA V engine!

Dakota Lane Stockwell

Leon Rosenberg
I would kill for another Manhunt game.

Balaji Asari
Manhunt is one of most chillingly dark delicious gruesome smart thought provoking experiences out there on any medium anywhere.  One of the best Videogame  experiences for me. 

Killian M. Walsh
This series deserves a better send-off than Manhunt 2. :)

Pawe Broek
I'd like play Manhunt one more time. The game is addictive. I want Manhunt 3!!!

chris davis
red ead, max payne, gta - the time is now.

Ryan Murphy


Steven Anthony Wood
Manhunt 3 or GTFO

Dakota J Jankowski
Manhunt 3, manhunt HD collection with manhunt 2 uncut

Bailey Moblo

Megan Brown
Loved the first one. REALLY loved the second. Here's to hoping there will be a third!

Andry Knyazev
Yes, I want Manhunt 3, but only for PC

Phillip Rogan
indeed I do want one

Walter Sobchak
I search manhunt 3 news every few months, happy to wind up here. Make it, preferably AO rating on the PC, you can't sell a watered down censored version.

Zacharia Benbrahim
I been waiting forever for this joint!

Dominick Roland Nickles
I would love to see a Manhunt 3. Manhunt was such a brilliantly made series and I would love to see Rockstar continue the series.

Gabriel Salomaa
We want Manhunt 3!!!

Jerrid V Green
Best damn videogame ever made.

Angel Class
Dude manhunt was fucking awesome I would cool to see a part 3

Hunter Trammell
I beat Manhunt 1 & 2 when I was in my early teen years.

Adrian Fernandez Aguilar

Kace Scheitlin
Manhunt has some of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding gameplay of the last decade. To this day, it remains a benchmark for me when it comes to stealth and/or psychological horror. The amount of creativity and originality displayed in it have earned some of my fondest gaming memories.

frank flaminio
A third game would be good just go closer to the first with the violence not the second

Clayton Luce
Manhunt is one of the best horror series ever created. We all know Rockstar wants to continue the franchise. Give them that opportunity to expand the series to a whole new level.

The Writer
Just as T****** said.

Michael Martin
I would truly love to bear witness to Manhunt 3! Just spit balling some ideas here: Combo Weapons ex; lighter & aerosol can, Upgradable Stats, Set booby traps, Weapon Deterioration/Modification ex; nails in baseball bat. 

Jae Nicolas Ham
We need this game! Nothing can hold up to the epicness of the original. So please make this third game!!!!!! Or atleast a remastered original.

John Foster
Please rockstar! Ever since the new consoles I was afraid this series would get left with the ps2.. Us the fans want more of this series! no other game has such a dark and twisted sinister style. I hope that with video games now being taken as a freedom of expression. you will have no censors!thanks

William j takacs
I've been waiting for a long time, where is manhunt 3? 

Connor riddell
No hesitation on this one, Bring US MANHUNT 3!

Michael Smith
The first game was a dream come true the gang's were all great and the twists and turns were spot on. The second installments plot was easy to call out and was a rather short game but the new deaths were terrific I think if they combined the two with its own new flare the 3rd would be mind blowing.

MANHUNT 3!!!!!!


Abraham Fierro
I would really like to see another Manhunt in the series, I played Manhunt when I was 8 and then pre-ordered Manhunt 2 and loved both.

Jakob Pihl
Manhunt 3 is what we want and Manhunt 3 is what we'll get!

Joe Saulino

Stefan Bischelberger

Eddie Taylor

Jos araujo leite neto
manhunt is the best game ever.

Dean West

Alec Thompson
Been playing this game since I first heard it being released around the same time as GTA IV. Honestly? I prefrr the Manhunt series over the GTA series, and that says a lot.

Paul W. Cadrain
I loved the first game. The second game was so/so.


Cameron Lazcano
Please Rockstar. 

Only you, R* have enough balls to give people what they really want. Wish Manhunt 3 to be real.

Vincente Denis Soro
Please for my organs...

Benjamin Burkholder
There's so much potential for Manhunt 3!! Please give us what we want!!

Sergio Hernandez

Lee Everett
Manhunt 3! Manhunt 3! Manhunt 3!

Victor Leeds

Ivan lopez

Marianna Alice Polizzi
I really like Manhunt series! I hope Manhunt 3 has a very realistic graphic like GTA V...

john smith
Manhunt 3

lynn smith
Manhunt 3

Bobbie benson

Gary Greggs

Fernando Fernandez

Julius masters
Manhunt is a one of a kind game and we all love that!!!!!!!

Drew alley
Manhunt 3 please, bring back cash

Manpreet Singh
Yeah, bring it on..!!

Renan Matos

Jeff Fagan
This series needs to bring back James Earl Cash in MH3...As a prequel...Let us find out HOW and WHY he got sentenced to death in the original MH1...

Ryan Bennett
Manhunt was thee highlight of my childhood idc what others may think I loved the game I loved the violence the story the music the characters Brian cox and I grew up to be happy and normal well maybe dysfunctional but I'm on my way to become a cop so fuck parents who try to rid my teen hood of blood

Brandon Cutshaw

Henry H
Manhunt 3, focus on creating a improved hd equivalent of the first and include more weapons, kills and psycopathic characters with a snuff bacstory and completely forget about manhunt 2 and i will buy on release PLEASE make manhunt 3

Joo Vtor Freire
Since "Machael santa" that was mentioned in carcer city in 1988 ...

Haziq Khan
ireally really want a third manhunt game, more so than even gta ,.but please don't censor it!!.

nicholas peter urgero

Colm Fox

Alejandro Morales
Manhunt PS Vita!!!

Raul Romano
I would like a new sequel of Manhunt. Coming back to first part; dynamics and concepts, part 2 just lost the magic of adrenaline and fear of human behaviour.

Joseph Farruggio
And.............  ACTION

Nichoals Brown
One of the greatest games ever! I would love to see a third Manhunt!

Daniel mendoza
Your game is fucking brilliant! Please release manhunt 3! Don't give up on us. Manhunt is 10 times better than grand theft auto!!!!

Daniel Ky

Brandon Sandage
Can we also get a sequel and/or remake to Body Harvest?

Eugene Lopez
Please make a new Manhunt. The 1st Manhunt was  one of the finest horror games ever made! Imagine that awesome special edition!!!

Joseph Dugan
Honestly i think it should be made i mean we have waited all this time for it everyone is going to have a bitch whine and moan over it like the lawyer dick but it was a good ass game and i think i would at least would like to see one more game. Games don't kill people end of story ego's do.

John Keifer Distefano-Bell
Long live Manhunt!

Chris Ernest
Manhunt was a classic gritty stealth game, would love another one.

Asad Ahmed Khan
Manhunt,  the most original game ever made.  Fan from Pakistan

Tobias Franz
MANHUNT3 has to happen!

Robert Hernandez
I loved the first Manhunt game.

Salim Khamidi

I want Manhunt 3 please!!!!

please make manhunt 3

Daniella Rolf
Give us Manhunt 3!

Give me more meat!


Stoica Andrei

Daniel Ilie
I want manhunt 3 to come out,I love every rockstar game, especially Manhunt and GTA and I want Manhunt 3 to be a game not just a rumor.  Stealth Killer 4 LIFE.

Marcus Grist
Please make Manhunt 3. There is so much you can do to make it amazing.

Jacob Skilich
make the fucking game happen you bitch ass devs.

Liam Oxtoby
The series was great, it still is, and holds a special place in my somewhat sadistic heart. Manhunt 2 was great and not in any way lacklustre, the uncut PC version that is, the Manhunt series can't end here. Come on Rockstar, there's been more violent games than Manhunt now, you can do this!

Guillard Lo
Please make the third, the best serie of game !

Rockstat make manhunt 3 please!!!!we want manhunt 3 .i love this game .manhunt is the best game i ever played.make 3rd manhunt!i waiting for it

Rock Stars of devils decided to fuck at all with the release of the third game of the series manhunt and actually ass ie games will not even shoot yourself Met your

Stoyan Donchev
helll yeaaahhh ....make make make ....:DDDD

juan jose dominguez
sinceramente el juego mas atrapante y fabuloso de toda la historia , es tremendo , les ruego tendrian que hacer manhunt 3 sin dudas , para playstation 4

John Kargan
We need to get this petition known to more people, the more signatures the better.

Sam James Porter
I love rockstar games and I love the manhunt series the most.

Balagansky Alexander
Manhunt 3!

Jose Lopez
part one was the best game ever

Robert Barnes
manhunt is a masterpiece, we need a third chapter

Mereana Glersgov
We need MANHUNT 3!!!

Salim K
MANHUNT 3!!!!!!!


fabio franco
Si, lo voglio!

Jonathan Marks
We want Manhunt 3! Rockstar games, please! I truly believe tere is a lot more Manhunt fans than it looks like and if you think new Manhunt will have a lot of troubles, think again. How many really brutally gory games came out in past 3 years? Saw, Mortal Kombat. They're even more gory than Manhunt!

Daniel Lamb
Finish the story.

Zach Carlson
No one cares about violence in games anymore.

Justin Budde
I would love to see Manhunt 3. Manhunt was my favorite childhood game for the Playstation 2. The second one was amazing on the PC. I deeply hope that Rockstar or some company would to get the rights to make this trilogy complete.

John David Newton
The original Manhunt was amazing, the second could've been a little better. If you make Manhunt 3, bring back James Earl Cash! We all need some brutal violence now and again.

Make a Manhunt 3.

david methe

Kadin Osceola

Salem Blackwater
This game was so epic. A 3rd installment of the series on these new gen consoles would look sick. Lets bring Manhunt back.

Bradley David Charron
The original MANHUNT was, in my opinion one of the scariest, most creative and innovative games of all time. It would be a shame if this franchises possibilities weren't explored on next gen consoles.

Konner Shea
PLEASE give us a new manhunt Take-Two/Rockstar!

Vlad Udin
It was best bloody game ever

Tim Burke
One of the greatest Franchise ever made. Pure, evil and genius. Please Take-Two give us a third Part in brilliant graphic on the PS4 !!!

Francis White

Emanuel Pihl
This is without a doubt the most awesome franchise ever! There HAS TO BE a third installment! Rockstar Games and Take2Interactive, would you do us the honor of making the fans, wich is us, happy?

Chris Bowman

Benjamin Cid
manhunt 3 pleez

Matthew Martin
Manhunt to me is a very well made game and even manhunt 2 was well done as well . if rockstar made a manhunt 3 i think it would be amazing on the rage engine who cares about the controversy just make it rated for adults i am pretty sure everyone will buy it still

Luke Redmond
i would love to see rockstar continue this amazing series! the nostalgia with this game is heavy and another entry would be fantastic

la christophe
please make a new manhunt, based of the first the return of james Earl cash. The revenge of son's starkweather, hoping listen the real fans in the world. thanx

Wolfgang Lavissiere

Would be the most  waited for almost all gamer fans in the world

Craig Taylor
Manhunt was pure gold! Rockstar, develop number 3!!

max blackmon

alexander fryna

Alexander Scannapiego

Declan Llewellin
Without another Manhunt, I will have to return to the real streets, killing the common hooker and mormons, but with Manhunt 3 i wouldnt need to do that.

Hernn Elias Prez
Please make Manhunt 3!! is one of the best franchises i've ever played :D

Dimitar Prodanov
Both manhunt games were brilliantly made with an interesting background story about the whole game and not just a meaningless slaughter game. With today's capabilities of game graphics, Manhunt 3 will kick ass.

Jaycee Castaneda
Manhunt was a fun game back in my childhood days shame its not around anymore I hope you guys continue this series on from manhunt 2 too 3 so Kids nowadays will know what we used to play.

Angel Ortiz
The manhunt series was just AMAZING for the Hardcore Gamers it had such a great storyline it was like a Bloody red cherry on a snow white icing cake. ALL I GOT TO SAY IS FINISH THE STORY !! GIVE THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT :D

Dale bra
I want manhunt 3 it would be great I recon split screen co op mode in this one say a story line of 2 friends or brothers or brother and sister even 

Sam Lewis

Marina Aleginova

James Caroll

Randal Tyler Collier-Ford
Make it so!

Joel Brennan Brewster

Michael Pineda
I bought Manhunt back in 2003 on the PS2 when I was about 10. :3

Colin mcrae
only 183 signs!? i bet there is more manhunt fans, cmon and sign it, its not take even a minute!

Willian Tyoji
Please Rockstar, it's him  or us. Go on.

cj ruiz

Steven Matos

Cody Rhinehart
Manhunt was one of the best games ever created and it doesn't deserve to die after only two games please bring it back.

Aidan Chappell
A Manhunt game with today's visuals... c'mon R*, you know you want it

cameron monks

Luke Diugao
marvelous game tbh

Brandon Lee Clay
please bring cash back n make it like the first

Carl Johnson
Rockstar read all of these comments and youll understand. stop attempting to make online games (gta5) and make a nother manhunt!

Rasmus Kronsell
Give me Manhunt 3!

Lukas Rudzeviius
Manhunt didn't have a terrific storyline but it's style and gameplay was something else. Here's hoping for another sequel as great as the first! (2nd one sucked)

My Karsslon

Philipp Mayer

Maurice Mirsoltani
I would buy the game ! I love it !

Jonny Dolan
We need a Manhunt 3!!!!! -l-

Mark Andreasen
We need a Manhunt 3. The first was one of the creepiest survival horror stealth games I've ever played and a true classic.

Cheyenne Underwood
Cmon Rock star... Stop dicking around and give us Manhunt 3 or a reboot of the classic Manhunt. We need this highly controversial serial killing simulator on next gen... Adult rated.

Toms Ignacio
Everyone want this game! is awesome:)

Maurice Lessiter
Please make it

Moriz Miller
LOve it !!!!!!!

James Earl Cash
Get back to business

isaiah justice

Alexander Patrick Susky

Maria Limon
These Manhunt games were and still are the best. Its just the weak minded people the due to stupid stuff like imitating the game that brings it down and thats including the retarded media. Hear our voices and bring us MANHUNT 3!!!

derrick cooney
yes this game was controversial but doesn't controversary create cash...speaking of cash shouldn't he return if there will hopefully be a third.

Justin sennott
Manhunt online!

Miles O'Connor
The memories of sitting in the dark, palms sweating, hands shaking, have been some of the most enjoyable  memories  for me in gaming.

Stan Moretz
Just finished playing through both of these again, such badass games. Would definitely love to see a 3rd Manhunt.

collen c. turner
Man hunt 3 needs to be. I loved man hunt but 2 was lame so three should be made so we fans can get an emotional refund from the suckage that was man hunt 2. Take two owes us.

Barry Dunne
Please release Manhunt 3 and release the Manhunt games in HD format too! :)

Dustin Sonny Lee Hare Allman
I loved manhunt 1 as a kid and manhunt 2 was a big part of my highschool, i might not have survived without all that stress relief! I am now 18 and in the USMC and i still need this game! Please rockstar bring me back to the ultra-violence that brought me hours of joy, heck it still does!

Blake Lowers
I'm sure there's many Manhunt fans including myself that would like to see a third game, fight the power Rockstar. Go against the odds and get this sequel done, for us fans!!!!!!!

Manhunt 3 sounds awesome

Ulises Guzman
Manhunt a brilliant saga!

Chris Wood
Hands down best games peiduced. A third totally needs to happen.

Justin McDonald
Pleeeeease, God, erm, Rockstar, make a new Manhunt.

Scott Webster

ryan murphy
manhunt fan forever. At least give us a re-boot with upgraded graphics + a few new weapons. My dream would be to give us 2 levels so we could play one of the gangs that got left out or a new one.

Connor Harry Major
Would love to see this on next gen

Robert Monahan Hunter
Ive been google searching Manhunt 3 for years.  This needs to happen.  Ive gone over probably hundereds of plot concepts that would work wonderfully in my head.  I know that more people have to want this game than just myself.

Edward Samuels
You can't do this. I need manhunt 3. Greatness awaits, join the movement, and embrace the hunt!

Daniel Howard
I would like to see Manhunt  3 on the PlayStation 4 with the graphics gore and executions please make Manhunt 3

Greg courtemanche

A (Vienna cut) of ManHunt2 would be ideal. A ManHunt3 just must be.

James T. Williams
manhunt 3 wooooo!

Alexander Zakharov
Manhunt 1 had an awesome atmosphere, and just masterpiece sound effects and ambient. I quiet miss those nights I spent with my door locked, my lights shut and the screams of the victims

jesus manuel lopez-gonzalez
the first manhunt was great and original as hell! why not make another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joseph Manning
I have been a fan from the beginning through the censored second game, there is nothing I have ever played like it, bring it back!

Gabriel Pavoski
Manhunt is a piece of R* history no matter what you think about it, the games are made for an a mature and adult audience, the bad parents who blame a simple game for their misfortune and lack of disciplining their sons, so the brainwashing media can just spread their bs about it,M3 needs to happen.

Chris Deriquito

Joao Cambronero
I want more gore, better graphics, and I want a new protagonist!

Austin Potts
It might be fun to mix things up and play as various gangs hunting assorted "runners".

please Rockstar make manhunt 3.we all want to play this great game.i love manhunt series.

Sue Strange
Revive Manhunt for the new gen consoles...

Donatien De Sade
Yeah, I want to see it!

Andr Lehnhardt
please make finally the third part :D

Jeffrey Vargas

Simn Alejandro Zenteno Godoy

Ethan Yanders
Please make Manhunt 3!!!

Robert Joseph Moran

Johnathan Campbell
Loved the first two and have been dying for a third.

John Johnson
There needs to be a next gen manhunt.....please.

Amedeo Capuana

Coza Revell
im a huge fan of the manhunt series i loved the brutality in the games and the twists too

Marc Medina

Victor Hugo Mejia Madrigal
Necesitamos Manhunt 3!

Daniel Lang
Manhunt Reihe sind die besten games ever auf Playstation 2 gewesen,hoffe das doch noch der 3. Teil kommt.

Pedman Falamarzian
Rockstar we love Manhunt for the violence fuck the rest of the system

Brian Green
Enough is enough.... Get this  game on the road. The people have spoken.

Seton Guttormson
The original manhunt is by far the best game I've ever played. I've played new games for new systems, but I keep gravitating back to Manhunt for my PS2. I didn't care to much for Manhunt 2 for the Wii.  It just wasn't the same. Make a third, like the original, I will buy it!  "Ok..On you go."

Barry Taylor
Yo Bitches!

Jack Hamnett

Martin Schubert

Mason Jansen
Please make the next installment to the Manhunt series. Do it for the fans.

Ethan Carpenter
I would love to see a manhunt 3. I actually thought the second one was interesting, even on the Wii

Marco Kelm
Both games are brilliant! Cash and Piggsy are cult figures today and the story of the second game is just genious. You think holy shit when the truth will be revealed. I would love to see another Manhunt game! Regards, march 27 2014

Kurt Jenson
One of the best stealth titles ever. Until Rockstar officially says "NO!" I won't give up hope of one day seeing Manhunt 3.

James Carl Cash
(Yes that's my real name)

Szymon Piasecki

Anthony Patterson
Manhunt 3 on ps4/Xbone? Badass

James Danny Hopkins
MAKE MANHUNT 3 WITH A FEMALE PROTAGONIST!!!! Or just bring back James Earl Cash...

Jesus Christ

Alexander Chulkov
Great game! Much better and more entertaining than other Rockstar titles.

Derbinskii Alexei

Eric Ortiz

William Bordt
Please Rockstar, you HAVE to make the ultimate horror video game in Manhunt 3. I would also love for the new protagonist to be female. Only one more year left for the 360/PS3 games to be made - we don't want it to be made TOO realistic, now do we? ;)

Justin Henderson

Warren Leach
Imagine the brutality on the PS3, PS4, PC or Xbox with the updated graphics. GTA V got nothing on those sales.

Erik Richardson
Please make Manhunt 3 or Reboot or continue James Earl Cash's story! Something! Please! Die hard fan here

Chris Evans
Please make Manhunt 3, I love the series.

Paul Fagan
Cash Lives!!!

jeffnai caue de sousa carvalho
please guys, do manhunt 3.

Alec Matthew brososky
Manhunt was one of the greatest games on any console to this day. Gritty and wonderful plot line, creepy and appropriate soundtrack, brutal combat, and a bad ass antihero. Imagine this recreated on modern console

Brent Quivey
I love this game franchise. I would be more than happy to play another sequel to one of my favorite game series' from my favorite game developers.

manhunt is one of the best games that I've played ,  please continue with the game and shows Manhunt 3 :-)

Robb porter
PLEASE make Manhunt 3. I promise I'll buy it new, on day of release. Especially a collectors edition with a figure/statue/weapon!

Marcus Weise


luis martinez
damn didn't knew about this petition make it more public Facebook Twitter mannnn I would pay 300 for this if its a limited edition. fuck GTA v

fernando martinez
I didn't know about this petition thing till today trust me I will make some effing noise I know there are millions like me with money waiting for this I have played them all I miss them I needs them I mean come on you put out horrible effin games out there where you loose money this is money

Agostino Paesano
The game itself has so much depth. The protagonist, the gangs, the location (carcer city), Piggsy, and so much more. So many questions left unanswered that we'd like explained by MANHUNT 3!!!

Brian Alonzo
I want a Manhunt 3. I want to know more of what happened to Cash after the game, has Carcer City changed? Do Cash and Daniel meet? Etc etc..!

please!, we want Manhunt 3!!!

Christopher Ashley lenton

Robert morris

Dale L. Lokey
Manhunt is may favorite game of all time. many hours i have spent mesmerized by it. it truly is a great piece of art that captures a world most people like to pretend does not exist.

World must see Manhunt 3!

Kevin Rose
We Want Manhunt 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

sandro miguel santos pinto
i realy like that, a new realese of manhunt

Justin Ullman
Never played manhunt 2. Loved 1. Much needing a 3rd.

Christopher John Burgess

Brandon Evans

Robbie Corrie

Manhunt is the best game of all time please make manhunt3

Eric Edward Lambert
The first Manhunt game was and still is amazing. The sequel was good but nowhere near as incredible as the first game. Keep the film snuff setting. Please make this game for Xbox One and PS4, Rockstar.

Vladimir Kisel

Gaston Soto

Leeroy Smith
I first found out about this game when I was 6. My big brother and dad played it all the time. It was amazing. Make Manhunt 3, please.

George Bedford

Matthew Bedford
I love the manhunt games, please make a third :-)

George Bedford

Atticus Alexander

Timothy nelson
We want manhunt!

Arko Donovan
I played manhunt 1 and 2, both was very exciting, i love play that kind of games, and maybe i will pay for Manhunt 3

Nathan Sweeney
I will pay for this in a heartbeat

Kyle Fetters

James Fetters
Manhunt 3 would be so fucking Metal

Dennis Bufort Jr.
This is by far the best game i have ever played in my life and i would really like to see a manhunt 3 on next gen sometime in the future i am praying that Rockstar will answer my prayers!!!

Avery Pepper

Edmund Chaput
Next Gen needs this. If assassins creed annuals, and the last of us are as close to we'll get for stealth and horror, i'm finished with the genre, unless something real such as manhunt 3 arrives. nothing has come close since manhunt 1

adam phillips

Sina Keshavarz

Kaleb Bradshaw
This game series is brilliant. There's so much potential! Whether it's related to one of the other Manhunt games, or a new story, we need a Manhunt 3!

William B. M. Sampaio
Essa titulo nao pode acabar com o falso fracasso do segundo jogo Manhunt 2(o melhor na minha opniao), precisamos do Manhunt 3.

Thomas Reichert

jordan ray hulett
Manhunt was great as a stealth game. The fighting mechanics werent good but thats great!! Having good fighting mechanics would get rid of the intense stealth. I appreciate the games serious tone to its mature and mature games are the greatest.

Damien Sidhanand
I am a consenting adult in good mental health and I want this game made. I would pay money for it.

Andre Gerling
Please made Manhunt 3 with Euphoria-Engine :D


Datt Maniels
The video-game industry is dying, and this series is one of the syringes that revived it! Please, do the fans a favor.

Philip rohde

Gelver Isaac
ManHunt uno de los mejores videojuegos que e jugado!!!!

Bob Frank
You guys can do it. People DO want to see this game. Please make it happen :)

Andrew Fuller

Robert Craig
Do it rock star it was one of your best series and you know it would be great for timing now because of the new gen gaming devices and the fact most have givin up on the hatred of violent games most people are agreed with the fact that it's just a game and this one should be created

ivan marchenko
i want it to be nextgen

Ezra Slader
Manhunt was a very awesome game. Manhunt 2 was as well. They both did good.

Josh Selesky
Please please make this happen. Next gen stealth/brutality. Bring it!!

Daniel Xavier
I think Manhunt 3 could be a game that pass before the events of Manhunt 1,telling more about Starkweather,Piggsy and how Carcer City get so fucked up.

Alex Sell

Christian Aramis del Toro
You guys should make a Manhunt 3 it would be bomb.

Alexander Bardi
Make it happen. I'll buy 2 copies.

Toms Luciano
Cant wait for the release of another Manhunt game, 1 and 2 were groundbreaking gems in the history of videogames.

Vincent Aguilera
Everyone knows Manhunt 2 was censored and thus botched when first released. Its time to give this series the heir it deserves.

Miguel Villicana
Rock star please make this happen!!!

Anderson Christiano de Queiroz Freire

Montel Johnson
Played both of the Manhunts and really enjoy them, a third title in the series should be made, hopefully it does.

Raymond Saldana

Kevin Foy
I remember Manhunt so well when i first played it.The atmosphere and quality of gameplay are second to none and ive never experienced gaming like it before or after.This series and us gamers who loved it deserve it to continue not just for the blood and gore,it offers so much more!

Matthew Cortez
This Game Needs To Happen. ALL HAIL MANHUNT!!!

William McNally

Jake Marek
An "M" rating should mean the same for video games as age limits for buying alcohol or tobacco. Shitty parenting shouldn't stop another awesome sequel.

Michael Pineda

Robert William John Powell
I personally think it would be great to see manhunt 3 come out for the ps4 and Xbox one because the graphics alone would make the game amazing to play plus with the new consoles there is so much rockstar could do with the game to like massive open world to explore and more enemy's to take down

Nathan Alexander Davis
Amazing game series.

Andrew Oliver
Please make manhunt 3 as a ps4 exclusive and for pc thats where it started!!!!!! bring back the great game we all mis and love !!!!!

Jorge de la Fuente Serran0
I want a new Manhunt game, like the first one

Manhunt series should not die.

Jeremy Harrison Smith
Really want a third game, played the hell out of 1 and 2.

Christian Sandoval
the style of manhunt is unique. they definitely should bring it back with updated graphics and more versatile gameplay

Alejandro Ramses Soto

Joshua Pellot
Recently working in a video game store for 2 years I've noticed stealth games have become all the rage as of recent. If ever there was a time for Manhunt 3 to make an appearance, then now is the perfect time (considering how well The Last Of Us did). This game would make tons if not Millions of $$$.

Sam Frabo
This series is amazing and should have its day in the sun with our current gen graphics!

Jeff Arnold
Please make M3!!


beau david turton
This game needs to be made it will help people to understand the effects of violence that can arise at anytime in everyday life as rockstar will no doubt deliver a very accurate representation  of this  on the next gen formats.

Jacob Shaw
There's so much there to allow a manhunt 3! Why not make it so Danny and James could meet and I also agree with the thing about Mr. Nasty and piggsy origins! We need manhunt 3!

Jeffrey Glenn Carter

Patrick white
Please bring back the morbid and mature horror masterpiece that was manhunt

Simon John Kenneth Auel-Cooney


Rosario Pillitteri
fate il 3 vi pregoooooooooooooooooooo

Jesus pellot
As a teenager, when the first manhunt was released, I was in complete awe that a stealth game with gore had finally come out! In my opinion it was the best game ever!  The gore, the sound of blood pouring from decapitated heads, and look of my enemy's brain matter splattering on walls! Plz release!

Devin Eckman
I'll speak for most of us when I say we want manhunt 3 and would be awesome if could get the adult only rating

we need another manhunt but it has to have the whole "snuff" thing to work i think... maybe a prequel? starkweathers first "star" i mean... mortal kombat is ultra violent.. and they seem to get away with what they do it would be great to see another manhunt game

Ryan Bouchard
A third game in the series would look. So awesome. On next gen consoles.


Ethan Bartshevich
Manhunt is a damn good series...personally the second one is my favorite....uncensored of course...

Dennis cottengim
Give us manhunt 3 will reboots of one and two. Bring back cash and lamb.

Mason Boismier
This games series is utterly fantastic and unique, and if the third were to be crafted as well as the first, it could very well be a smash hit. Happy Rockstar, happy gamers! GIVE US WHAT WE WANT!!!

Sergei Ivonov

James Earl Cash
Bring me back!  We need a manhunt 3 now!!

Kriss King
This game was by far one of my most favorite Rockstar game of all time. I think that if they made a Manhunt 3, they could EASILY made a detailed story-line for it and everything. "Wheres my damn shoes!"

Christopher Turnbull

Julian Armijo
as fucked up as the game is, I enjoyed both of Manhunt games, and feel that a 3rd installment in the series would be great to all the die hard fans out there.

AJ Garcia

Timothy Creighton
Recently released Rockstar games have shown a considerable of refined playability. However, it's been too long since we had a game that seemingly drags us though hell. If you make a new installment, keep the first one in mind... Also, another Bully would be awesome. Polar opposites, I know.

James Earl Cash
I've been hiding out in Carcer City (undisclosed location) for over 7 years now, and I couldn't stand to see your company make another game called MANHUNT that had nothing to do with my nightmarish experiences. If you even care to create a possible THIRD installment, don't HOLD BACK this time.

Erik Perez
Seriously, don't bother making another MANHUNT if your not prepared for the possible consequences. You pansies HELD BACK with manhunt 2 and gave in to all the BITCHY little mothers/politicians, and look what happened. Nobody cares about an EDITED manhunt. You destroyed everything the name stood 4>(

Johan Knoff
Please make manhunt 3. I really want to see how the next gen graphics add to it. And please don't have those annoying censors over the executions

Zachory Scott Blayer
I don't know how old this petition is, and I don't care. Revive Manhunt!!!

David Montano
we want SNUFF!

Ian elite
Manhunt 3 pls

Dan Lyman
I've been a huge fan of the series and would love to see it continue on the next gen systems.

Tolga Songr

Rich Davis
Next gen Manhunt with multiplayer in the vein of Left 4 Dead for two teams. One of 4 that needs to reach somewhere with only 1 life each, and the other who have multiple lives and keep on coming. Stealth and Gore!

Nik Walrath

Kyle Debkowski
Please bring back this raw piece of gaming history.

Julian Ramirez

Erik Marquez
For me Manhunt and Manhunt 2 are two of the best survival horror games, six years have passed and I still waiting Manhunt 3.

Nikita Degtyar
I Want MH3 with Oculus Rift Support!

Jonathan B. Vota

Benjamin Cohen
Manhunt is one of my favorite series of all times and I didn't know this petition existed. There is much more of a demand for a sequel than the amount of signatures on this list shows because nobody knows it even exists. BRING US MANHUNT 3 PLEASE! I'll be satisfied after that.

Salem Blackwater
A third installment of Manhunt on these new consoles would be so fucking amazing. They have to fire up the series again.

Nathan royal

I play this game for 10 years and I want the third part

Matthew Chism
We need a new Manhunt- not for kids. No filters to mask the kills. We are adults, we can handle it. Rockstar,c'mon.

Henry Smith


Just take GTA 4 or 5 and make a manhunt 3 from it, that's the deal!!!!!

Philo D. Grommon VI
I really do hope to see a new entry in this great and classic blend of horror and stealth games. Obviously there both not the best selling rockstar games and probably not there best made but I do have a very soft spot for theses games. The atmospere just drowns you while the violent images always in

Juan Carlos De Jesus Reyna Rodriguez

Ethan Blake
Manhunt 3 please!!!

Firudin Akhmad-zadeh
I love this game

Awesome game, release it!

Dean Gallacher
Manhunt was absolutely brilliant!! Bring another!!

robert dylan ernst

aki e brrrrr

Desmond Arthur Russell
Yes please do... TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Gibran Linares
Manhunt 3 needs to happen!. one of my favorite game series, EVER!!!!. Helped me through some rough times. Best way to blow some steam!

Patrick Mergel
Please R* make this happen........and if you don't at least release Manhunt HD

Ross Renton
Manhunt is a class game with mental characters I would love to see a 3rd. The first game was brilliant.

Cameron Stoughton
If there's the slight chance Manhunt 3 can be made, I think R* has the creativity and balls to pull this off! Manhunt 1 was awesome, and even Manhunt 2 is pretty cool if you get the AO-rated PC version. Either way, the idea of Manhunt 3 returning to the original story is something we'd love to see!

Kelsy Ray
Bring back this game! It's a game people not a gateway to real things. Rockstar for life!

Miguel A.
Id love that game to exist! And btw i always liked 2 more than 1 (but i liked the 1 one too).

Austin K.
Best game R* has ever made!

michael bolten
manhunt 3 !!!

Fabio Moscona
manhunt 3 NOW ON  PS4!

Coza Cortex
I love the manhunt games and the brutality in the games is epic as hell!

Malik Isaev
I want this game!

Ryan Abinette
The manhunt series means a lot of things,

John Johnson

Darrin Howard
We Want To Be Hunted And Be Able To Kill Hunters.

Alan Davis

Matthew Greentree

Louis hartnett

Jonathan Goodwin
We need Manhunt 3

go for a trilogy !

Mary Jane
mh 3... common guys it just needs 2 be a trilogy

Mikhail Korotkov

Alex Smith

Giancarlo Taguba
I very much like to see Manhunt 3 on the consoles like the XBOXONE, please make this dream come true. Thank you kindly for your time.

Jeremy Sharp
I love manhunt. Please make a third.

Michael-Detlef Zierau
Hy,in this time Manhunt do not of index--Condemned Dead Space....all Games with Gore but not INDEX!!please make a new Real Manhunt with Cash......pleaaaaaaase........

Micl Frjeden
The best horror games and movies are the ones that could happen in real life.

Jeremy Marshall
They REALLY need to make Manhunt 3. I'm very excited to see what they can do next.

Alex Ahilov
This series is imortal!

Angel camadros aguila
Espero que el juego tenga el ambiente y enemigos del primer manhunt y que sea mucho ms violento que el 2 (con historia obio)

Alejandro Granados
I miss Manhunt I love the first one! Bring back Manhunt with Cash hes a badass and bring piggsy back! The fans will return and youll get money,lots of it if it returns with Cash!!

Tawny Martin
I would kill for a Manhunt three.  The last two games were amazing

Mikko Petteri Rm
Can't say much that hasn't already been said. This game has lots of fans and those fans deserve more after such a long time.

Atakan Yilmaz

James Bertling
Please make manhunt 3!!!  It is a great series :)

Lee Philipson

Javier Cota
I loved both manhunts im despreate for manhunt 3, all the "big" games out right now are lackluster

make manhunt 3 please!!!

Ian Knox
Manhunt 3 should have been made along time ago! The first Manhunt was AMAZING the second one not so much! Go back to the beginning but from the next gen perspective!

Shawn Nelson
I've waited for years for manhunt 3 after paying the first game. Consider how great it would be on a next gen console. The people want this game, I guarantee it.

Simon Kayzel
Bring it back! Uncensored! PS4 baby!

Alan Rodriguez
While everyone I know is waiting for their next generic game to release, I sit here hoping for Manhunt 3 to happen. I am a huge fan of Manhunt, 2 wasn't as brilliant, but passable. Make this happen Rockstar! I need to know what happened to Mr. Nasty and Cash!

joshua Carlisle
Manhunt 3 next gen...AWESOME

Clayton Scott Conway
I loved the previous two man hunt games and I know many people (myself included)who would love to see third or at least a next gen version of part one or two please don't let the franchise die.

Nataniel Escobedo
Make it happen!

Dylan Williams

Daniel Carpenter
Manhunt 3 please!!!

Tyler Robitaille
We need a new manhunt. Or even an HD collection

David J F Palmer
Needs to happen.

Pedro S
manhunt 3 que venha rapido

Alexander Reinhardt
The original Manhunt is too good not to continue.

Jacob C. Fagg
Wasn't that fun?

Travis Ignaffo
Needs to made I crave blood and gore. Best franchise ever.

Anton Nikonov

shane bradshaw
Plzzzzz plzzzz mahunt 3 the first one was wiccckkkkkkeed!!!!.. The closest thing was the last of us... We need a new manhunt plzzz

David Stewart
Great game a lot of fun

michael mayorga
I love the manhunt games and hope rockstar makes a new entry in this brutal series.

Kyle Pierson
They could redeem this series with a new one! The shooting should be more like max payne 3 and completely revamp the mele to make it smoother Keep the core features such as the executions with 3 levels A origin story I think would work best with Cash (what was his crime?) there's so much I can't fit

Brandon Clay

Robert Medina
Please Make Manhunt 3 I loved the first and second manhunt so much I still play them till this day I ben dying for a 3rd one.

Tyler Mistretta
Give us Manhunt 3

Varvarkin Konstantin Olegovich
I need manhunt 3 any os. Rs not look behind u

Eduardo Muniz

Vladimir Mordvinov
I'm goin' to kill people in this game or i'm goin' to kill people in real life, if this game will not release. Sorry for my bad english, but i'm seriously.

Peter Rios
The original was sick... It gave u the stealth aspect as well as the survival horror suspense. Part 2 was a joke compared to part 1.

matty bedford
Love the manhunt games, 

Ross Beers
I don't know how popular the Manhunt games are. But, at the very least, the small amount of fans it does have like it very much. I'm a big fan of the first. I've never played or seen anything else like it. I can understand any hesitancy to make another, but I still beg Rockstar to make another game.

Michael Edward Keen
Rockstar, as a loyal Manhunt fan I have been waiting over 8 Years for the newest Manhunt, but seemingly no Luck. I would love to see manhunt 3 and I would appreciate any effort Worked into the game -Mike Keen.

Arshia Warrior
Manhunt is the greatest video game i've ever played.

Arshia Soltani

Solmaz Hosseini

Miguel V. Garca
Id love a Manhunt 3, and that devs stop listening to whiny close minded brainless bitch pussies and let us sane guys enjoy great games like Manhunt, i personally prefer 2 though, way better story, interesting, great twist, i just loved 2 (got uncut version on ps2), one of my fav games n nice story

PlayedManhuntYearsagowhenitcameoutimust've beenabout10-11loveditmostbadassgameseries everjustsomuchfunbeinghunted&killinginbrutal & inventivewaysthestorythesetting&thecharacters wereperfectbringManhunt3everybodyhasbeen waitingsolongforitcomeonR*ifyoudontmakea3rdgamethenwhatwasthepointinmakinga2nd?

Philippe Gaulin-Clowery
Im a hardcore fan of the first manhunt game and my life will not be fulfilled until another Manhunt game is made. WHERE'S MY SANDWICH ?!?

Jovnir Ilya
i'm a big fan of series. Please make a third one.

Michael Scott Bouchard
Great game, so much more can be done with it and I certainly hope it happens.

Ashley Okeeffe
I love manhunt and manhunt 2 and have been playing them for as long as i can remember i would love to get my hands on manhunt 3 and would pay over 60 to play it once :) .


Kyle Krese
Bring it back

whole concept of this game is unique. Like Hitman series for example. There's nothing like this in game-industry, it's absolute individuum of stealth,this is subgenre right here at least.Games like that can't be bad,they can be only not good enough.I want Rockstar to do it and I put my faith in this

John Osborne


Noah Vaughan-Robinette
It's time to bring it back, the world is ready

Roman Bushev
I can't wait to have Manhunt 3 on DVD for PC.

Cody Dixon
Aside from bully this is my favorite rockstar game, even when i play gtaV i try to play it like manhunt HELL THIS HALLOWEEN I WAS A SMILEY!   ROCK* loves fucking with the public and making old ladies cry. No game did that better than the ROYALLY UNDERRATED manhunt. which ive now bought twice

Tyler McDermott
We want a stealth action game from Rockstar! GTA is our open world and Max Payne is our straight up shooter. We want stealth!


ranjit menon
Plzzzz give us manhunt 3

Edward Howard


Alexander Kharitonov
I want Manhunt 3!

Donovan Williams

Efrain Mendoza
Give us Manhunt 3 already!

Chris Taylor
I love Manhunt games please make part 3!

Travis Haight
I loved the first game! If you make a third, please don't censor it like part 2.

Dunyushin Alexey
It must be! Hell yeah!

jermaine sweeney
I believe manhunt is one of the most successful and diverse games ever to be made. I would obviously love to see a manhunt 3 in the near future and I'm sure there are millions of other people who feel the way I do to. Please take this comment into consideration.

aaron mcelrath
Best games ever made. We need more! Stopcatering to the bleeding hearts and the whiners of the world. No matter whT product you make there will be people who disapprove. So you might as well go big amd give them something worth media attentio

Kevin Drsch

Daniel Gonzlez Lpez
Quiero el juego

Brian Moreno
I am super thrilled for the third to be made and hope it does. I love the first one. Definitely nothing like it.

Robert Lachlan Dunstone
I loved both entries in the series, a third would be awesome!

I would like to see part 3 such as the original game, the first part was a cult, part 2 was the shit.I played it when I was very small and nothing happened, completely normal. I'm a fan from Belarus you have fans everywhere and we ask Manhunt 3

Jay Blunt
Rockstar plz

Tre'Von Luther Gater

Andrew Brown
Manhunt was great! A game that shows the evolution of a slasher. Great entertainment lots of gorey fun. Manhunt 3 please! Why should it be censored I do not know!

Gary Landey
Fuck yeah... Manhunt is awesome.. please bring it back

Andr Santos Neves
i love this shit, MANHUNT 3, let's fuck this baby, uhuuuuu

Manhunt 3

Nehov Andrew

I want kill! Manhunt3

jeremy Eicksteadt
Manhunt and Manhunt 2 were both awesome stealth action games, and I really want to see Manhunt 3 with all the new tech.

Cole Fallon
Push the limits of gaming rockstar. you have done this in every game and this is the one that will make it possible for anyone to make a work of art. Make it brutal rockstar

Mason Mohammed
Manhunt brought something out of rockstar and the developers to not only seemingly make gory violence but it was a deep dive into people's minds in ways people won't admit they're interested in.

Jonathan R.
C'mon, at least make a HD version of the first game! (Cause every one else seems to be doing it)

david vonkutzleben
This would make rockstar so much money I love this game makes my life simpler.

Artem Stambultsyan
I want it o yeah

David Makark
Manhunt is and always will be a classic.

Thomas Muste Jr

Rose Connery

Jos Antonio Garca-Ramos Garca
Please, make a third Manhunt game. Manhunt and Manhunt 2 are just awesome!

Oscar Gonzalez
Manhunt is the kind of videogame that make me love videogames. The action, the fear, the brutal executions... You never get tired of this game. I NEED to play number 3, Manhunt is the best.

Ashley Townley-Parker

Matthias Friedrich
We want and we need Manhunt 3 !

I need this in my life.

Marcel Schauer

Wesley Jones

Dmitry Ionov
Both Manhunt parts are awesome, Manhunt 3 should be the sickest game ever

ivan zuniga
I want manhunt 3

Akimkin Ivan
We want Manhunt 3.

David Robinson
Bring it back the manhunt was a amazing game

Ryan Heisler
with the movie "31" by Rob Zombie coming out this october, it seems fitting that we get a Manhunt 3 :D

James Carter
Yes let's fucking do this. Manhunt 3

Andres Ruvalcaba
Please bring this game to life. The story was brilliant and the gameplay was amazing. So please bring this game to world


stephen bagnall
make this happen plz

Andrew Rex Caperton
Let there be take-two

Bryan joseph Corea

Toby mark lake
Next gen manhunt completely essential, a franchise like no other

hd remastering


David O'Dea
I loved the first manhunt, tried the second on wii and was u pleased by graphics and all around gameplay. I've been waiting for a third game in the series, to come to a console with real graphics and an open world theme. Enough of the grand theft auto crap and give us a game like the original!!!

Jonny Denny
I've been a fan of manhunt since 2004 and in 2013 I picked up a copy from a used retro game store and after 2 years I finally beat it and it's the most gruesome and fucked up games ive ever played and I love it!! I would love to see a 3rd game sometime soon!

Soloviev Aleksey Sergeevich
real hardcore game.... rockstar please!!!

Michael Blosser
Please please please remake, or make a sequal to this game!!!! Manhunt is so intense and deserves to shine again!!!

Brandon Lee Thomas
Absolutely love the manhunt games. Would love to see the series continue on the nextgen systems. This game needs to come out, not waterd down, nor edited from the original to satisfy peoples concerns with the finished games content. Slap an adult rating on it if you have to. Please give us manhunt 3

Ohran Blacklock
I would definitely like to see a new manhunt as now with next gen consoles (ps4, xbox one) the game could look much better and be much larger I've recently been playing hotline Miami and cannot wait for its sequel and I have heard people compare the use of unconventional  weapons to manhunt.

Joshua l Howard
Manhunt has the pontential to to be competition to splinter cell and metal gear solid gta five made a reference by mentioning carcer city so I'm sure its not that far from your minds there is honestly no reason not to make a third game

Windal Jamar Burje

michael sousa
Manhunt was a gritty take on the horror genre and there is millions of fans including myself. Please Rockstar you need a third entry in the series because without it the series feels incomplete. And i think we all would love to sneak in the shadows once more and dive a glass shard in a psychopath!

Cooper Polyakovskiy

frank shandorf

Manhunt-My favorite series of games

Jamie Parker
Manhunt 1 & 2 was awesome. Loved them growing up and really want a 3rd on Next-gen

cash james

Darren Walker

Jamie Cullen

Puscas Paul
Do it please, we need it.

Lizunov Nikita
Really want this snuff gore shit

elijah william churchill
need mh3!

Mangrum Todd
Keep manhunt legacy alive because look at the last of us

kevin rushing
Pleeeeeeaaaaaassssssse let this happen!

anthony mendez

want to release manhunt 3 developers make it sometime in 2017 or 2020 Support you dude

Anthony Stemmer
come on already!!!

alex clark

Philipp Mller
Please! ;(

brandon ojalvo
wahoooo i love the meat chunks

Zachary vick
I've been waiting for a long time. I really would like to enjoy the shock and gore of manhunt on a next gen console.

Joshua Pellot
I believe if any time were the right time, then the time is now to release a new Manhunt game. With stealth games such as "The Last of Us" doing extremely well and such gruesome and gory games such as "Mortal Kombat X" being aproved, Manhunt 3 should have no problem at all with success.

Steven baribeau

I played the two games and both were awesome. I like the story from Manhunt 2 and the gameplay of both games. Please Rockstar make a Mamhunt 3.

I belive

Nick MacPhail
Best games of all time! Not only was the story absolutley awesome. But nothing beats lurking in the shadows slaughtering your way to freedom. And the end of second one, not only be a total mind screw, nut just ooooo damn good.

Corey Leo

jonathan Alexander Dumbrique

andrew Olivares
Seriously one of the most underrated games ever. A game so brutal,so interesting and so much fun. It is my child hood I rember taking it to other kids' houses and their moms kicking me out because of this. Haha manhunt 3 would be a dream come true

Bjoern Mahnke
Come on Rockstar!

Bjoern Mahnke
Come on Rockstar!

cash james

Usman Gulfraz
Manhunt 1 and 2 are my favourite titles of all time! The best games on planet earth (Well, in my opinion after GTA :) )

Timothy Brown

Merrit Boibeaux

Ashonti Flowers
I love manhunt 1 and 2. I'm a girl and I have loved this type of game. And I never had a urge to kill. Come on, Manhunt 3. And bring back Cash.

Daniel charo
Manhunt 1-2 were classics! None of that alien/ zombies bs that's being played today . Please continue with the series!!!


Richard Lee
I loved playing manhunt 1 & 2! We need another release please release manhunt 3 for PC & Consoles

Theodore Bradley Noyes

Anea Florin
Please release manhunt 3 on PC !!!!!

Jason Routhier
yes you guys need to make Manhunt 3 plz make Manhunt 3 I love those games

greg furmanski

Joel Schneider
It's 06MAY15. If Manhunt 1&2 were released on the XBOX ONE and PS4, I bet we could get a ton of support for Manhunt 3!

Erick Munoz
Bring back Cash

Kaveon Moorer
So many memories..

dan moncada

John mcCain

Barry Browne
Manhunt 1 was such a fantastic game, I remember playing it when I was younger (aged 8) Now that I'm more older I can really see what a masterpiece this game is, I have never played the second but plan to, I am all for a third Manhunt game, imagine the executions!

Ryan .R
I loved the first game! I really want to see a 3rd. Make it happen Rockstar!

Serge T.

Chris Guarista
To Whom It May Concern:

Herbert A Williams
I played the first Manhurt game and I would love to a rebooted manhunt game.

Argyris Alexander Malliaros
I played Manhunt when I was in high school. It was one of the most savage video games I had ever played. Manhunt 3 needs to happen. I give not one shit about potential kids playing it. That's at fault to their shitty parents. Bring back the ultraviolence.

Geo Gonzalez
please rockstar make manhunt 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anthony teyuca

Tyler Ulmer
Huge fan of the original and somewhat of the second one. Start cracking on Manhunt 3! "Now get going! Entertain me!"

Nikita Bardotzi
I'm waiting for output Manhunt 3 and We fans Manhunt 3 wait 

Jeremy nick Michael silva

Patrick Esmerado
R* used to be edgy with balls to wall dont give a fuck, now they cower behind the norm with GTA. Grow your balls back and make Manhunt 3, or give it to someone that will! Please and thank you. =]

James Michael Roman
Manhunt 3 should definitely be in production especially for the next gen graphics and the high demand of a sequel. Regardless of the controversies over the manhunt series the involvement of children under 18 playing these games should be blamed towards the parents. The make of MH3 = $$$ for Rockstar

Carter Howard Navarre

Brandon McCune
Manhunt 3! We NEED a Manhunt 3 to complete the series!

i think that's gonna be a brilliant game, wait so much

Jake newton
You just need to create the game and fuel my addiction to slaughter people in the game its such a good stress relief or at least remaster the first one i have been waiting for years for a new game now just create it

Gavin Emery Barnes

Tom K
I absolutely loved the first Manhunt game. Manhunt 2 was alright, but it wasn't as creepy and as over the top as the first one was. I'd definitely love to see a Manhunt 3 in the future. Quit making more GTA's and make more Manhunts. We already have enough GTA's.

Andrew sellers

Sergio Vazquez Jr.
Manhunt is one of the best series out there. Manhunt was a complete masterpiece! Never in my life have I played a game that matched up to what manhunt was, to what it brought to the table. It is one of my favorite games of all time and by far the best stealth based survival horror game I have played

William Lee Elliott
Please Rockstar. Can it be with 4K Graphics and VR Support?

Pierre-tienne Bouchet
Need a third one ! With all the new graphics and manhunt' gameplay, this have to be AMAZING :D

Andr Correa
Lets Go Manhunt 3

Dylan Blancarte
Best game i played ever

Mikel Mercer

Ryan Anthony Schonewilf
Manhunt is an awesome series, not just for it's gameplay, erie environments, or story, but for how it's one of the few games that makes you the bad guy, and makes you feel like you actually are. Then in the end you end up being a bad guy that did some good in a world full of villains. Make MH3!!!

Manny Lopez
We want it!!!!

Alfredo Pichardo Vargas
There is no other game like this out there.

Adam J Siebert

Mihails Jolkins

Daniel Bernardo
Loved Manhunt, Manhunt 2 was ok but I think Rockstar can make an even better Manhunt than ever.

Chris Bottorff
Manhunt is really the only game that gives you this kind of experience. It's our one source of the equivalent of being Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. Manhunt 3 is in high demand. Plz halp, Rockstar.

Kaleb Morrison

Alexander Hernandez

Golovko Vladislav Pavlovich
Manhunt 3 must live!

colin Michael Armstrong
This game needs to be made or a reboot needs to be done. There's far more violence in movies so what's the problem

Please make it. Manhunt 1 was great and I would love a third.


Jamal Rashid
I would love to see manhunt 3 and to see where rockstar could go with this disturbingly entertaining story!

Daniel wafer

Davey Boddy
I recognize these shoe prints.They're made by my shoes!!!!!!!!!

kevin clark
Fug want to play!!

sebastien d'angelis
Fuck i love manhunt this game rappresent me we want MANHUNT 3

Raymond Carter
Give the people what they want.....

Brandon Mendoza
I agree! Long time since i played a good game like Manhunt 1 and 2 with all the gore, stealth a good storyline AND the executions!!! We need Manhunt 3 that's bound to be replayable please!!!!

Do it, Manhunt 3 is a must would love to play as Cash again. A new lead though will be fine.

Kyle Thomas Patrick Doherty
One of the best titles in the psychological horror genre, Manhunt was one of the biggest cult hits in years. With the amount of games out there currently with questionable subject matter, there is no reason that R* shouldn't be able to start work on a future title in the Manhunt series.

Yerkimbek Ualikhan
Just need this

This game made my childhood

Andrew Filippone
Such an awesome underrated game

Ryan Bingham Duff
Not only Mr. Nasty, but how about encountering the Klowns, the scarecrow, and even the bonus content of unlocking the videos of:

gregary courtemanche

Lakomyi Artem Andreevich
I loved 1 and 2 of the game. I am absolutely sure that part 3 should definitely go. I will wait with impatience.


James Anthony McCammon
The manhunt games r masterpieces plain n simple.please ohh please do another one!!!!! Id spend my whole check on manhunt3 copies n hand em out!!! greatest game ever!!!!

Adam Greene
i really want manhunt 3 to come out

Walter Culpepper

Mario Alvarado
manhunt 3 confirmed (i wish)

Christian Strehlow Anderson

Ezechiel Dec

Dmitriy Amdreevich Petrov

James Skinner
I think it's about time we saw  a new manhunt game released, it's been way too long already.

Gabriel Jaimes

Alan Ellis
favourite game of all time manhut, two was good, Three would be good bring back cash and give him a story maybe helping another victim against numerous gngs villians ect

Titus Tucker
Release manhunt 3. If Haterd can be playable, then this sure can.

Thanasis Angelov
The Manhunt series were one of the most memorable. It had characters, missions and of course, storylines that you couldn't forget. While there are many fans hoping for a sequel, on the other side there is the anti-video game activist, Jack Thomson. We all know Rockstar is targeted by him. Still hope

Justin Bishop
I really wanna see this happen!  Manhunt and Manhunt 2 are still my favorite games ever.  Even a mod for GTA that lets you do a type of 'manhunt mode' would be amazing.  Come on rockstar!  Give us SOMETHING!  The story was too good to just drop.

Manhunt 3 graphics GTA5 and a couple dozen new executions. Want Want want!!!

Christian Muoz
Esta super sicopata ,me encanta siento q meda ganas de matar igualcreo q me estoy que dando loco jeje..:-)

Bian Schouten

Brian Kaffa

William rahal
I want a manhunt remaster for next gen consoles like ps4 because that game is a masterpiece all on its own it needs to be brought back!

Jeffrey Joyce
I'm betting they'll make a third one. It's been in demand for a while.

Clemens Geidel
Bring Back the Origin in Horror-Survival-Gaming! We need Manhunt 3! And if it is necessary use Croudfunding!

cody richards
This is honestly the only game i really care about!!

It was Great Games ^^ I want more meat =)

Michael Sandve
Manhunt was a wonderful mix of gore, horror and stealth and in my eyes it was one of the best stealth games I have ever played. I really hope this series gets another entry.

Michael k ryal

Jacob Blair
It's due time for a new Manhunt....

Dolblev, Andrey Viktorovich
I'd like to buy ManHunt 3!

Man hunt 3!!!

Joseph Dobbs

Julius Lukoeviius
For my this game is best! All those killling option,characters and so on. Its beutifful.  Its best game ever and will fall in love again if Manhunt 3 will come out.!!!!!!!

Trey bain
This should be a franchise in its own rights

Chad Brantley Hall

Paulina barraza morales
Manhunt 3 for ps4 , please. Some of us didn't get to play it :/

Albert Einstein
We need Manhunt 3

Jose gonzalez
Best horror game hands down. It is necessary to make manhunt 3 ,BRING IT BACK

Jeffrey Glenn Orlando
Manhunt 3 should be made.

I think the company Rockstar nothing stopped production of this charming series of games. I think the game would popular Istan, if developers to create one RoskStar Munnont 3 on the engine GTA V.

George Doom
Manhunt was a very good game. But manhunt 2 was awesome, the script, the editing, one of my best experiencies in videogames ever, bettet than the first one. I hope manhunt 3 increases the first two. Ill be waiting...

Trevor Linden Brown
Bring back Cash!

Manhunt 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WANT, WANT, WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Usher
Always loved Manhunt, as well as Manhunt 2, which had a really enthralling storyline. Manhunt 3 would be awesome - please get it done.

Philip Pallot
Manhunt 1 was great, 2 sucked. Make 3 please.

Solmaz Ho

Alan Aguilera
Loved the manhunt games best horror games ever

edwin scott fitzgerald

henry delgadillo

Joshua mitchel morello

Christian Demar Holmes
I fell in love with this game ..have them and guys will love to see a new one real soon... Thanks

Nicholas Welker

Kyle Ortiz
Can I sign twice?

Michael Robert McLellan
This petition is probably dead. And Manhunt 3 will most definitely never happen (I desperately want to be wrong about that) but it's worth a signature. PLEASE Take Two!

Kyle d Ortiz

gabriel alin
Manhunt - brilliant, cult game...we need another one for this generation

ben lewis
Please make a manhunt 3 I played the hell out of the 1st 1 the 2nd was good but didn't get to play uncencered version shame,,defo up for manhunt 3 tho bring cash back please

Cameron Michael Harvey
Manhunt 3 must be done or a remake of the first one. But they need to. They shouled do so at least if they as a company gi bankrupt which I hope doesn't happen (won't forever though)

Joao Vitor Santos
Best game series! And I would pay 60 bucks for a new manhunt

Matthew Pace

jason fosko
Manhunt 1 is one of the best games ever made. The story and concept are a masterpiece the music and atmospheric tension are unlike anything done in a game before. Please make this game like the first one. Please rockstar.

Aron Brodowski
Manhunt 2 is my favorite game! Rockstar Games, please! Make Manhunt 3! I want this dark and brutal game, where these hunters (watch dogs) will be looking for me. I enjoyed this stealth! Make part 3!

Luiz Gustavo Andreaa
C'mon, Manhunt was incredible. The whole putrid environment, the murder animations, the true snuff roleplay. We need something like that again.

August Dampier
Manhunt 1 and 2 are pure viseral horror and superviolence. Everyone loves superviolence I personally cant get enough. Most gamers cant get enough always chasing the more violent realistic game. Manhunt shocked the world and still does. No other series has shown us pure hate madness horror and human

Alec Mejia
Manhunt was really an amazing experience and was unlike any other stealth game or horror game. It is a series so unique and different from Rockstar's other franchises and it needs to be brought back.

Seargent Mike
manhunt 3 is a must

samuel oesch
great game

Please make a Manhunt 3 on GTA5 program

Tristan Garcia
Make manhunt 3. This is long overdue

Joo Luis Henz
It's time for a game like this to happen, If done with the gore tecnology from the new Rockstar Engine, we might have a game of the year in our hands.  It must be done on the same vybe as the first one.  The executions and the soundtrack were awsome !  Please Rockstar.

matt bockheim
Want a 3rd!!!! Buy it in a heartbeat

Kenny Napier
It's an awesome game that is apart of the Rockstar Universe.

martez johnson
Who agree that manhunt 3 well be a hit with batter graphics batter stealth he should have moves like hanging up side down n bam  gruesome

Kong Simon
Pretty please with a cherry on top. Bring Manhunt 3.

Robert giorgio
Rockstar needs to make this game. Gotta love the thrill of being hunted. the most dangerous game by Richard Connell was required reading when I was in middle school my how the worlds changed. Stop being so pc America!

Tanisha Murphy

Yann-Alexandre Souba
Manhunt had a special place in my childhood... Never forget it, hope 3 would come a day (soon !)

James mccammon
Manhunt is the shit!!!!!!! One of the  greatest games ever to be in existance. Totally underated. Please make manhunt 3!!!!!!!

Daniel Beaufort
They should make a 3rd, Australia finally has an R rating for games. Even if they had to censor, it'll pass. A lot of fans want the snuff film theme again, I think they should go with a 'shock site' theme instead, it would certainly provide a lot of social commentary.

Gavin Keith
Manhunt was an amazing game! Manhunt 2, although not as good was still something at least! Let's take on Manhunt 3 Dammit!

Ciprian Niculescu
This would be the ultimate game from Rockstar ! Please, make this happen.

Jason Christ
The original game is a personal favorite of mine. Please make this happen, R*!

Karim El Daly

Lorenzo Violi
I primi 2 capitoli li ho amati alla follia.....specialmente il primo..........spero che questa petizione serva per far venire alla luce il tanto atteso e amato Manhunt 3.

PLS. I hope this game will released.

Luka Seregi

peter gallo
Make a 3rd game!!!

Alexander puente
i want to play this

Kenneth Moore
The first Manhunt was the first PS2 game I have ever owned and played and I enjoyed the game very much the best PS2 game I have ever played!!!

Thomas Case
Bring back the atmosphere of Manhunt one with the filming style. One of the best horror games I've played and so many possibilities you with these next gen games

Cool Game Go Manhunt 3

Kaitlyn Randall

James Bertling
Manhunt 3 please!!

Muhammad Kamran Latif
Come on Rockstar, No body should be blamed as someone gets inspired from a violent game. If Parents are so concerned they should not let their children buy such a material. In any case Please make an other Manhunt game.

Ryan J Anderson
I have always loved the series and would like more from you Rockstar! So awesomely unique :)

Raymond Brown
Sickle up the Dickle!

Frazer Fenton
Next gen manhunt 3 would be amazing

Denis Neznanow

What i want to see in Manhunt 3:

Aaron Wells

Javon Brooks
Since MGS series is on its last leg rock star should keep stealth games alive. Cause 1 MGS is the only popular stealth game left, an 2 MGS was military and Manhunt is phyco and murderous. Do the same as GTA and Driver. Same concept  of game but antagonist instead of protaganist an more creativity.

Cory James Wertz
Played Manhunt 1, loved it, played Manhunt 2, and didn't finish it, mostly because of the censoring and dulled down from the first, but I would LOVE to see a Manhunt 3 on ps4!

Javon Buss
If mortal kombat can stay on the shelf i know MH3 can make it. In my top 5 fav most def. Having online for this would hve crazy juice. Can have you own gangs that go by the area you choose. Sandbox map, no dots, more weapons, guns, more stealth move, LOU gameplay,area takeover,kidnaps,Instaclassic!


Jordan William Ramsden
Bring this game out, been waiting far too long. I want to decapitate people with plastic bags again hahahaha

Bernardo Lopez
Dope game!

Donald E Hall III
Dear Rockstar,

Mateusz Jonatowski
Manhunt is one of my favourite games. It's so different than the other games that's why i very like it. Manhunt was and still is a Masterpiece by big "M".

Allen Keefner

Alex Sanin
Manhunt - Forever !!!

Brandon Evans
I really want this to happen.

Kristjn karl Einarsson

Nott M. Portent
Since Rockstar has already made new installments in the Red Dead and Max Payne series, I believe Manhunt is worthy of a revisiting as well. It's been almost 10 years since Manhunt 2 considering; entry #3 could prove to offer an unprecedented level of brutality to a new generation of gamers.

Dylan Dennis

michael andrew wells
Im an indie filmaker and game designer, if this doesnt happen, i will personally do a kickstarter and have people pledge for beta content and develop the game myself using unity or the source mod engine. Tell your freinds!!!

Daven Williams
I hope u make it roccstar

Joshua Lee McCourt
Please find it in your fat infused blood pumping motor organ to bring just bit more violence in this mundane penace

Jake Weed
we NEED Manhunt 3

Sean McKinnon
with the graphics these days it would be immense, lets hope they do it!

Christian M Spina
Bring the manhunt back with a mp community of different types of characters fighting for freedom.

manhunt 3))))

Mike Hawk
Better do it.

We Want Manhunt 3!!!!!!

James Peterson
Manhunt 3 is a must. The original manhunt is my all time favorite game and is also my favorite title by Rockstar Games, even surpassing the gta series.

Mikhin Matvey Borisovich

Daniil Moskalenko

daniel robson
Manhunt 3 is a defiantly should happen I think it will eventually happen maybe on PS4 and X1 the games have been very good and gritty and gruesome it what makes it different and great

Jacob howard Hoyles

William Morales

Isaac Valencia

Rafael Manian Alejandre

Vikhrev Anton
I've been waiting for killer instinct for 20 years... So I hope manhunt won't make me do the same again!)

Daniel Lemus
I love Manhunt! It is one of three game series that I personally believe put Rockstar Games on top, GTA and Red dead redemption being the other two. I would love to see a third installment in the Manhunt series.

Christian Campbell
This is a strong contender in the stealth genre, perfectly immersing the player in the combination of fear and adrenaline that comes with the urge to remain unseen.

Dylan Lloyd Grigsby
Put the Warriors game on psn!!

Buznyakov Oleg
I'm with everyone!!!give release Manhunt 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brandon rodriguez
The man hunt series is a cult legend. For the love of odin, please make manhunt 3

Kyle Bittner
I was disappointed with the second game, i think rockstar should redeem themselves and not call it manhunt 3 but manhunt____(fill in the blank). The first manhunt game was in my opinion the greatest story in a video game.. should be a movie or mini series ;)

sina hk
there is porn, Cigarettes, horror movies,heavy metal and there is games like Manhunt. why is it that the restrictions on consumers age doesnt work here? im also not sure if manhunt series is banned everywhere or just a few countries!.

douglas walker mann
manhunt and manhunt 2 were the best twisted wicked games i ever played back in the day would love a new manhunt adventure to have a lot more fun wtih

angela marie mann
i love playing manhunt 1 and 2 it would be great  to have manhunt 3 to play

prajjwal khati
heh man crazy manhunt

Eric Hockenberry
Please make Manhunt 3! Also, make a Online Mode for it too! I would definitely play the hell out of it!

Antonni Christoffer Schmidt Bolzan

Carl Compton

Curtis wilson

Jordan Christopher VanDruff
In today's standards it isn't even that controversial anymore, so why not make the damn thing.

Clint aslin
We need this !!!!!

Alex Cerise
Manhunt has one of the best atmospheres in gaming ever! This games controversy is stupid because you kill bad guys that want to kill you, not happy little kids that got a puppy on Christmas.

Konner Shea
PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME. Manhunt is the fucking shit!

Thomas Mller

Bill Gates
Best game ever! Want sequel.


Matteo Liberati Petrucci
We want Manhunt 3

Dylan Glasco
Manhunt is a great game series I love it!

John jaeger
COME ON "take-two/rockstar" give us THE GORE WE NEED MORE ROCKSTAR, MORE

I love Manhunt guys.


We need this game

Josh Arizmendi
There are so many loose ends that Manhunt 3 could tie up. Back stories on Piggsy, Scarecrow, The white rabbit, Commander Ramirez, Cerberus, Starkweather, Mr. Nasty, James Cash (and what happened to him). Also, Starkweather's private snuff collection. So many possibilities to keep this game rolling.

Michael Green

Jordan Ray Hulett
Manhunt is a awesome horror, stealth series that deserves another chance. I hope it gets once!

Jeremy Stout
I loved the first and second manhunt and would simply love a third.

Gerard Espinosa Yxart

David Wilkie

the best game !! pls i want to play  more manhunt :)

plz plz plz make M3

Christopher mark mota
Along with bully this also deserves a sequel

Francis Humberto Ramirez Tabarez

Shamil Shaymiev
Manhunt 3 please!!!

James Earl Cash

Ian Mendez
It's time

Bence Szabo

Shadow lee driver
My brother played the first game with me along time ago, he is sadly no longer with us. But i would love to see what rockstar could really do with the graphical capabilities of modern computers and consoles.

Jeffrey Glenn Orlando
I want everyone who loves Manhunt to get a Manhunt 3. I think Manhunt deserves a second chance.

Josh steggall
Best games ever!!!!

Julio Vincent Vasquez
No game has that over the top "it's them or me" vibe like Manhunt! The gritty tone alone is worth revisiting. If anyone at rockstar cares, please make a retro prequel, starring Starkweather, Ramirez, even the bunny guy, gorely making their way to the top of the snuff empire in 1979. Think about it..

Jai Arora

Manhunt+GTA5(graphics)+multiplayer = good game Manhunt 3

This game - Best of the best game!!!!

Alejandro Iribarren
Fuck that shit, all I want is more gore in my life, otherwise I'll end up killing someone. Thanks for the motherfuckin' petition!

we just need this

Evan Mathew Place
Manhunt 3!!!! Headjuice!!!!!

David Robinson
Manhunt 3 is a awesome ideal bring back the gore

Butch Brown
i loved both, the second just a bit more.

Yamir Roberto Uriarte Bothelo
When Will Be advailable manhunt 3? That is the best Game of rockstar!

Danny Rios

Tyler Olney
Please bring back Manhunt! Also include more on Mr. Nasty and Piggsy or at least just bring back the series! We want Manhunt 3!

Lucas Maltais
I'm new on this game and I really liked the first one. Lets have a goddamn Manhunt 3

Joshua Carey
HELL yeah i signed this!!!

Mark Hanchey
If rockstar doesn't make manhunt 3 we riot. K?

Ruud van der Linden

Ryan Burger
A new Manhunt game with the capabilities of ultra-violence in this modern age is something this sensitive world could desperately use.

Leo Velez

Anthony kaeppel
Best game ever we need manhunt 3 juat like the first one it's one of the best surviva horror stealth games ever made point blank period

Blake Bowden
The games are classics. The violence and gore excuse doesn't work. Look at Mortal Kombat X. I just want a gory, chilling stealth horror game.

Cody Ray Sullivan
I believe that the first two games are underrated gems in the Rockstar narrative. Also because Mutahar wants Manhunt3.


Olleg Maksolo
pleeeeeaaseeeeeee do it guysss!!!

john lafrance
i hope they make manhunt 3 i dont know  wat the  big  fuss is manhunt 1 and 2  is  nothing  compare to  hatred  and  postel 2 and 3 and i got them  all

Alex jeffrey
Playing it again on ps4. Still one of my best games ever. Better than a lot of current games

Hylke Tromp

Sergiy Manush

Byron smith
I need an outlet and "manhunt" was very helpful, along with "the suffering"   please make another or people could be in Danger!

Manhunt 3 - We hope and look forward to

Arthur Romanov
Please make a Manhunt 3

Manhunt the best game of the world

Churin Eduard
Manhunt 3

Veniamin Tihonov
Make Manhunt Great Again!

Igor Nikitin
Please give me top game in the world.

Mr. Nasty
Valiant Video took a hit when we lost Lionel, no skin off my back personally, hated the guy, but the man WAS good at what he did. If the people want a comeback, then Valiant Video Enterprises is gonna give it to them.


Igori Coverznev
I am from Moldova, 

Damion L Way
I feel that Manhunt 1 & 2 should not be banned anymore because of how tame they are today compared to games like Mortal Combat X. Seeing how games like that are acceptable nowadays I believe that Rockstar Games could make another Manhunt game.

Ruslan Efremov
I want the Manhung game series to be continued and made based on the first part graphics.Thank you.I really look forward to playing this beautiful game once again.

Chuck Connors
ManHunt2 (VIENNA CUT) !!! Please Rock* ...for us Hardcore Fanz??? ...It would be our dream come True.

Scott lessig

Piotr Biernacli
Make manhunt great again

Zach Canale
I first played the Manhunt games 5 years ago, I'd love to see Manhunt 3!

callum jones
Manhunt 3 needs to happen. It's be a big win for fans but a massive win against censorship of video games. Rockstar... pay attention.

Stephen Ross Carroll
Both Manhunt games are in my top ten. Please give me a new one.

Degtyarenko Bogdan

Mikel Earl K.
I love both Manhunt games.

Serjey Svetetsky

Tim Breidenich
Just make it happig. Pleeeeaaase. It's a VIDEOGAME about a murderer killing other murderers, so everyone should calm their sorry pc-ass down.

Timothy Johnson

John Ma
Best game I've ever played!

Ramiro B.
My opinion is .. simply, that being such a controversial game and having so much similarity with Hatred ... The manhunt, deserves to come out to the light ... Thanks

Kaleb Bradshaw

August dampier

Myles patrick o'donnell
Manhunt may not seem it but I believe it to be the most important turning point in the use of violence gore in an artistic story driven way that was clever i believe manhunt 1 and 2 that allowed us the current levels of gore gotten away with now

Sean Pomeroy

Alexander Sokolov

Andrew Kara
Make it happen Rockstar or at least a remaster of Manhunt 1 or 2 both excellent games

Brandon Klossner
Bring back the manhunt series, just imagine the possibilities on the ps4 and xbox  one!

Nicholas Fuentes
Rockstar games is by far my favorite developer. Manhunt is an "Epic" in my book. My skins crawls knowing there might not be another. You guys can do it! Lets make it happen!!! I played Manhunt into probably 2012. I played Manhunt 2 for no more than 1 or two years

Jaykob Ciesiolka

I want it. More.. More!!!

I want Manhunt 3 to come back.And also the remasterd versions of Manhunt 1 & 2.

Breigh bein
i grew up playing this game series since i was very young (yes i know you shouldnt have played manhunt at a young age) my  parents didnt care but this game defiend terror and let you see though the eyes of a killer in the most violent sick and twisted ways which made it so good i would love 4 MH3

Nikita Dolzhenkov
In Russia, we believe and hope that it will! @RockstarGames

Ambrose Bush

Nikita Orlov
Manhunt 3 where are you?

I want Manhunt 3

Mads Pedersen

Dylan Reed

Larry Capinga
one of my favorite stealth games


Devin North

Benjamin Matthew
we want manhunt 3, and we can wait.

Jacket March
Give us ManHunt 3.


Liam "Rustyknight" S. V.
I don't need it... I don't need it...  

Manhunt is a BEST!! stealth-based survival horror

Gianmario mele

John Davis Jr.
This game would be ultimate in vr. Please give us MANHUNT 3!!!

Chris Resh
Manhunt 3 would be one of the best additions for the PS4 lineup since the PS4 was even released! Please bring manhunt to the new systems!

Bruno Pompeu Almeida

Kane Walker

Kevin Deshon Richardson
Manhunt is one of rockstars greatest titles in my opinion give use fans what we want...What happened to james earl cash I want to know..

Kevin Deshon Richardson
Manhunt is one of rockstars greatest titles in my opinion give use fans what we want...What happened to james earl cash I want to know..

manhunt 1 was awesome and was released on ps4 late last year and number 2 was even better so I really want a third one with modern graphics

Shane M Terrantroy
Rockstar we need this game made not just for the violence but for the dark horror awsome & unique gameplay that pro gamers like myself love very much, in witch every gamer can take there frustrations out on #inside the vedio game & not on the streets #WeLoveYouROCKSTAR

jason voorhees
please stop me before I kill again :) MANHUNT 3 - really need drawn better to kill people than living

jason voorhees

Daniel lister
To the people of the Internet Manhunt 3 would be a great idea as people say that violent games make people violent but its been proven that it gets the violent thoughts out of peoples heads however as we can all agree the first 2 games definitely earnt an 18 rating which means parents shouldnt by it

Andrea Tiffany
Manhunt  2  should  be  released  with all cut content  restored ...all the Game intact

Don Davidson
I've been waiting to hear something about Manhunt 3 forever, I even recently downloaded and beat the 1st one on PS4 and I'm just craving more of the game and to be fair we never got to actually see or know what happened to Cash from the 1st one so there's room for him to make a come back

Matthew Wojs
We need Manhunt 3!!!

Aidan N Spillane
This is a must! I am an adult in america, there should be no restrictions in a "virtual" game!

andrew slaughterbeck
If they do make a third one let's just hope its not edited like the sequel was

Grey-Cloud Morgan

Rafael Nogueira
manhunt,a sadic masterpiece,maded by a company that never defrauds with their games,and i think they wouldn't with manhunt 3 too

Kalashnik Dmitriy Ivanovich

ridha almosawi
this series needs an hd sequel !!!!

This game universe deserves the third part.

Mark Stavrogin

Manhunt.        .

Sean Foley

Sergey Zakharov
I very like manhunt! And i wait manhunt 3

Chris Pinnington

Mihajluta Nikita Igorevich
Let's revive the Manhunt series

Alexey Matrosov

C. Luke
Manhunt 3! MANHUNT 3!!

Gael Ortg a
Manhunt 3 needs to be created.

Antonio Ridelson
I will strew your flesh upon the mountains and fill the valleys with your carcass.


Vladislav Semin

TraQuan Jordan
This games needs some current gen console love. The PS4 Pro and a HDR enabled tv would do a game like this some absolute justice.

Jeremy Soucy
Making it compatible with the Vive would also be insane.

Elizaveta Golovataya
I want manhunt 3!!

Sergei Bondarchuck

Alex Korsak

Max Kosterin
Manhunt 3!Rockstar must create Manhunt 3!

Ryan Kent Heisler
Manhunt was a great game and it would be even greater if manhunt 3 was released. It had everything a stealth game could ask for. It had horror, gore, suspense and a fight or flight adrenaline rush!

Trevor Howitt
Yes please! I'd just KILL for a new Manhunt game. (Starkweathers voice)

Alexander Bratov

Michael Guerra

Ruth Schultz
The AO rating should be reconsidered. To today's standards Manhunt isn't even that bad. I think its been long enough that Manhunt 3 wouldn't be that controversial.

Isaac Rutledge
I would love to see a third game with todays graphics and technologies

William B Cook
One of the greatest horrors of all time. We need more.

Taylor Michael LeVine
I hope this works.

Byron Smith
We need an outlet. otherwise we might take to the streets!!

I like manhunt series and I neet new bloody game from rockstar

Super game is Manhunt 2!  I wait Manhunt 3.

Juan Lozano-Gonzales
Manhunt was a great game and rockstar needs to work on combat so manhunt can help them with their lack of melee

Leo Kasper
it's my most favorite game in my life

Taven ryman
Hope it's on PS4

Daniel wafer

Daniel Lamb

Julianne Shannon

AZM Abdullah
The first one in my opinion was meh. The second one was 10/10. Make 3rd one.

Karissa Short

Jason lee

Bogdan Ziza
I'm a big (and adequate) fan of this game! I adore her for a unique atmosphere, which I do not even feel very close to in other games. a cool story, nice gameplay, and a wonderful soundtrack that will bestow that atmosphere. and, of course, the good old ultra-violence :)

Thiago Acevedo
We Need Manhunt 3!

flynn chambers
I need a manhunt 3, I've been living on naughty bear and manhunt all my life please make this happen rock star I'll be forever happy with my life

Cheyanne Bruce

Justin Torres
Hell yeah

Jonathan Vota
I need to to live... Others need it to die.

Ricardo Mercado Estrada
I do believe this game deserves a third game, we need to know what happens to Cash or something.

David Wilson
Great game series that deserves a Great 3rd installment

axel bronson
meme en france on veut manhunt 2 !

Emily McKee

Kris Locity

Travis Jones

Constanza Maia Verocay

Nelida Eloisa Tamara Agnese

Erich Shnader
We are wait Manhunt 3! Cerberus must back!

Wes Craig
We want Manhunt 3! We want Manhunt 3! We want Manhunt 3!

jeffrey delvaux
je vient de belgique et oui il faut que rockstar ne lche pas cette sries... Car maintenant avec tout ce qui nous mettent comme violences dans les jeux... Sa serais pur hypocrisie. vive manhunt et style d'excution <3

Marcus Filipe
Played the original when it first came out and loved it! More than the 2nd one.. They have a lot of potential for a third one and im sure they know people want another.

Monique Balenzano

manhunt is one of the best games I've ever played, but well I could continue the franchise, fuck if that game is violent 

Zhirnova Julia Igorevna
we need a new part of manhunt!!!!!

Jacob motherfucking black
ye bring tha carnage boizzz, don't forget "we didn't see anything" ;)

Mark Foley
Number 1 game I want to see get made is MANHINT 3

nicholas reyes
Someofuslove to seetheworldburn, and to keep us from putting our psychoticthoughts to action, is to express in this amazing series and some of us need this to keep us in control, we are the ones that take all your bullshit, we run your life, we are your friends teachers fam, fear us, and keepus sane


Joshua Jardine
Loved the games we need more

josh duffy
This game was my LIFE, FOR YEARS.

Ashley Michelle Brown
I would thoroughly enjoy...hell, LOVE to see a Manhunt 3 released. Screw the controversy, there's a reason for the M rating.

Eman Patrick Paglinawan Caindec
Please do make Manhunt 3! Such a good game. I dn't care if its too much controversial to the public. It's just a freakin video game!

Carlos Rosario Torres

frederick jones
Please make this sequel. I loved both manhunt and manhunt 2.

Roman Silichinenko

I need manhunt 3

Greg Daniels

Patrick Martinez

Max Irons
Both games offered a great story with great game play. With the games that are out today I believe Manhunt 3 could come out with ease or at least mid to minimal backlash.

We all need this game

We need this

Reese Alan Bothe
I have just bought manhunt on the ps4 and I am now thinking of the amazing possibilitys they could have with the new game systems and graphics( I dont think Im phsycho but imagine killing people in HD graphics)

Anthony Scrivani
Pretty Peez :(


Dan Wilson
Rockstar, If you don't want to make Manhunt 3, I can for you. I am a game developer myself and believe I have a good story Idea for Manhunt 3 that would Tie 1 & 2 together and be good at the same time.

Sam Warden

Dennis Akyol
this sick world need Manhunt 3 come on R* best game ever but pls uncut greatings from Berlin

Aaron Stein

Justin James Albright
I love Manhunt.  From the plot and dark toned atmosphere to the graphic violence, its the perfect stealth game as well as a game I believe defines the M rating.  Nothing short of a masterpiece!  Rockstar solidify your place as the kings of video game controversy by making Manhunt 3.

Knuazev Maxim Dmitrievich
... Wait for new massacre in new Manhunt

Trent Douglass
Well deserved sequel. Much needed in a world of "not as violent" games. Make it happen R*, I'm counting on you.

Joanthan Wedholm
The Manhunt games are pretty cool, i want a new one. Also please Rockstar make a 10th anniversary Manhunt for mobile phones as well.

Yuri DeWynter
Bring back manhunt

Matthew Buzuev
Honestly, I've just watched a lot of videos about this game and I'm about to play the first game in the series. For unique, brave, thrilling and intellegent use of creativity I'm waiting for 3 part with true passion.

Vasily Lukyanov

Otto William Peyer IV
We need a Manhunt 3! It's only right!

Wiktor Maciejewski
This is absurd that vidiogames are still under such attack from the media. Fuck the media, make Manhunt 3, it's gonna get banned in Germany, but fuck Germany. We are waiting for this miracle to happen Rockstar!!!

Gabriel Cuellar

Franklin Dean Carpenter

Patrick Perrin
I actually prefer manhunt 3 over a new GTA.  They have a huge opportunity for something, and they are doing nothing. Steam allows AO games now like Hatred so that should not be a problem to them. It was one of my favorite and needs to return for a 're filming' hehehe.

I would like to learn about the following events that would take place in the third part!

Paul Willmott
Love Manhunt 1 and 2!

Jack Danger Poland
It'd be sick to be a creative director.

Andreas Robin Schjelderup
I love the Manhunt Series and I hope that we get to enjoy Manhunt 3 very soon.

Jesus leal
I love the games and i want another one

Jerome D.
Playing the Original on Twitch

Gabriel Osorio
I am a strong advocate for creative freedom in terms of video games. Manhunt might have been a juvenile and silly display of edge and "we dont care" but it was still a fun and unique experience. Manhunt 3 should happen and in regards to the lawyers saying otherwise, people are sick of Fortnite.

Alexander Williams
I want to see another manhunt cause it seems fairly interesting

Frank Todaro
Is manhunt 3 going to be for ps2 please make it for ps2

Anthony Campos
We live on.

Mauricio Calderon

I dont need manhunt 3.I fuckin need Manhut 3.

Roman Vlasov
from russia

Allan Scumer
Manhunt rocks!

Clifford E. Onehundredd
Please make Manhunt 3 with the return of James Earl Cash...make it as realistic as possible after all if we have The Purge and movies like Saw, why can't we have a sequel to a video game?

Jerry Dunn
I love Manhunt, and I'd 100% love to see a third made. I know no one probably cares what I have to say, but still.

Travis chorney

Carlos Cuenca
I'm been always interested with the manhunt games. i would love to see Manhunt 3 with the new engine.

Bradley Wright

Stanislav Kalinin

Jacob Wuorio

eric vinicius gomes torres
its so good manhunt history

Emilio C. Gutierrez
I remember playing this game in 2004 in my early teens and man did I enjoy it!! The 2nd game is good too but definitely could have been better. I really enjoy the gameplay, the story and horror aspect of it all. Please make Manhunt 3!!!

Blaze Moorman
I want MANHUNT 3!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Harris
All trilogies need a third where would star wars be without return of the jedi

Andrey Eruslanov
Hope dies last.

James Anthony MacAmoinn
Ya know you jerkoffs running this site said the 2nd manhunt was are u even know what that means??? There was nothing wrong with the second installment.....what cuz it wasn't the first??? Course not....was a masterpiece just as the first one was...

Johnny Svensson
With all the messed up things you can encounter online today, this would be the perfect time to rehash the Manhunt franchise

Blake Waggoner
I like to kill

Beatriz de Sousa Diniz


Elisjsha Sexton
Manhunt was violent, unexplainable, yet one of the most utterly bj horrifying games I've ever played. The 80's slasher soundtrack, the old VHS grainy film look, the pressure of feeling hunted.. it was a perfect horror masterpiece.

Vinokurov Ivan
A unique realistic horror game with an exciting, deep storyline and interesting gameplay should not be buried!!!

Alexandra Aldana caballero
I'm so horny for manhunt 3, my panties are wet, pleaaaaaaaaaseeeeeee rockstar give us manhunt 3

Daniel Henry
It need to be done...Manhunt 3 with RDR2 graphics? They would make millions.


Dalilah Kamili
I believe that Manhunt 3 has much potential. The future that I envision for Manhunt is bright, and I hope Im right.

Jonathan Wedholm
We need this game like right now.

Michael Groves
With the graffics of today a Manhunt 3 would be off the chain it would be a must buy as far as I'm concerned PLEASE ROCKSTAR TAKE A CHANCE

Oleg Volkov

Armando Rosas
I didnt get to experience Manhunt,since it came out when i was born,but i would like to see a Manhunt 3. I'd actually love to see and experience Manhunt 3 if it comes out.

Dylan Clarke
Manhunt was an amazing game, it'd be great to have a third one see the light of day.

Manhunt Mobile  wanted!!!

James Harding rogers
This needs too happen


John Dowell
Manhunt 3  needs to be made 

Astile Doherty
Love this game. Want more. More gore, more violence, more suspense, more everything

Gino Kokoshi

Manhunt would look great with today's graphics


Johnnie Banks

Quinn Alvarez
The first Manhunt game is one of Rockstars most creative and unique ventures. Theres so much potential with todays video game engines and the creativity of Manhunts concept. Please make a Manhunt 3!! We need it! One of the most intense, unique stealth horror video games I have ever

Alicia Burbank

Matt belgave
Please make this happen!!!! Happy Mothers Day lol


Brendan Webb
I personally believe we should have a manhunt 3. Manhunt 1, and 2 are two of my most favorite horror games along with resident evil and silent hill, and I think we should have a manhunt 3, because it will show that people are not afraid to put controversial things into this world.

Kieron sellars
The Mr nasty character being explored would be interesting, moving the snuff element to a more modern position (dark web and the rise of the internet could be how he has continued to create his films) would be a really interesting take on the trilogy.

Michael Taylor

Devin Alberts

Amirali thrasher
Cmon...just make this shit...i've been waiting so long

Caleb norris


Nicholas Richard Kowaleski
I would like to actually see another sequel or a remake of the first game, its a solid psych. horror stealth game.

I just feel nostalgic when hearing about manhunt games, really good game to me

It's an unique game series that have his own atmosphera, and we really needs another manhunt game with such a great history like the both games before.


Vinicio Rodrigues
Rockstar needs to show some love for their older games, specially Manhunt.

We want MANHUNT 3 

James Earl Cash
I need to be back in the game and take down Mr.Nasty. cause it aint over yet!


manhunt is a verry god game


Nadia Romantini

Yoan Pi

Richey S Jones
Love the original Manhunt. How about a reboot like Capcom did with Resident Evil 2.

Manhunt is one of the most unique games I've ever played.  Rarely do you ever see something in this medium with original ideas executed well.

Joshua Blackbird Cuff


manhunt 1 was excellent , i remember "games" magazine calling it "pathetic" -to me ,  it was great because their really was nothing like it out there , unique atmosphere , perfect soundtrack , the whole thing felt like a  nasty 80's  slasher-esq movie. manhunt 2 on the other hand...nah..

Valeri Sof

ThA DoG EsKiMo
Manhunt 1 & 2 were my favorite childhood games would be excited if they bring back 3 to the franchise

Manhunt 3 needs to happen! This series is great.

Hello!  Do you like to play, but games only take up your time, and loved ones swear when they see that you are sitting at the computer again?  We need to take action. No, I do not urge you to quit playing, but I propose to receive  income on games. Then loved ones will sympathize with your hobby an


Dan Barone

Adam Firkey
In a world going PC,a game like Manhunt 3 would stir the nest in all the right ways.

Jordan Harcus
I love Manhunt, to be honest the thought of a Manhunt game being on PS5 with its ray tracing capability's is heaven to my ears, I also think that a game with this setting could push boundaries and push story telling to the next level pleasing the fans neglected due to online. :)


Manhunt 1 and 2 are amazing games with a gruesome story (especially MH2) and I think a third one would be an excellent idea. The talent that went into these two games are only something Rockstar is capable of. Please Take Two people want this!

Kim Junsoo

Emm... I want manhunt 3!!!

hi :) bross :)

commented cuz wanted to sign this petition

Thomas Bennett
We all need Manhunt 3

Thomas Bennett
We all need Manhunt 3

Robert Carlos Leon
Please make this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L'Oreal Proctor

It was one of the best games i ever played. And i want to see more of it. This games certainly had no negative effects on my bran -_-



Lawrence LeBlanc

Oscar Succs
I hope this happens

Carlo Montes
I need Manhunt 3 in my life!

William Black
Make Manhunt 3 for xbox one at least or even swith

I love both manhunt series, and a development for Manhunt 3 is necessary for the sake of Rockstar Games !

Kyle Miller
I demand Manhunt 3 or a Manhnt 2 remaster

Blake Lowers

Blake Lowers
Manhunt 3!!!!!

Project BAL
James Earl Cash captured by Mr. Starkweather's superiors & is yet again put to the test in a federal penitentiary.

Manhunt 2 is one of my most played games of all time. The violence depicted in that game is 10x more tame than the new MK games. It's time for Manhunt to return.

Mark Wolfe
do it rockstar, it'll be great

Devante H
Just imagine Manhunt's trademark executions occuring with the graphics of today.

Lee Nik Salek

Lets produce manhunt 3 together guys if you know what i mean!!

Matheus Storpirtis
The most violent franchise in video game history surely deserves a sequel.


I just played Manhunt for the first time this year, 2019! I would like to see what they could do with modern tech in Manhunt 3.

please make Manhunt 3

Juan castro
es de los mejores juegos que e jugado y seria un buen recuerdo de mi infancia jugar una 3 entrega del titulo

Kyla Jade Akens
I think its about time

Brent Rigby
This series has been needing a proper sequel for quite some time, I'd love to see this series come back!

Bryan J Covarrubia


I want a third Manhunt where we get to know what happened to Cash and the reporter. The violence Is okay, we kill narcotics, rapists, assasins, mercenaries and a really fucked up director after all.

Lino Gandara
I'd buy 3 copies

Christopher  Ryanes
I loved both manhunt 1 & 2 and hope in the year 2020 that rockstar games will make a manhunt 3 just when they do it take your time rockstar wit the thought process of how you want the game to be.But I definitely would like to see some new features in 3 new weapons & gangs and a maybe create a scene.

Thurston Schramm

I want manhunt3 :3

logan McMullen
i love manhunt i even @rockstar on twittter and asked when they were gonna make manhunt 3 and they never responded

I love mr nasty


Abdullah rayan

Norberto Perez
We need to bring art like this, this used to be a time where video games can shine and this series was a gem and one of a king!! I dont care about the hippies that find everything offensive, we need to bring a series back on its feet and I will take bullets for the next game!!

I was watching a video of manhunt lore and to see the "the url" of valiant video i decided search it and now i'm here in "Manhunt 3" petition

Jon Ellingson
Bring this game back, remaster the originals, or at least make them backwards compatible. But we definitely need a manhunt 3. Lots of controversy around this game. But some of us play these dark brutal games as outlet, and they just don't makes games like this anymore.

Jacob Rose
Approved by Mr. Nasty

Larry Dunn
I would really want there to be a Manhunt 3 at some point soon

Shahriar Beigi
Like to see Manhunt 3 very soon :D

Stephen Platin
Rockstar should make Manhunt 3 great as always!

I will wait

Tronald Dump
I find the Manhunt games one of the best games that have ever been produced by Rockstar Games.Just like Bully,a new game is needed.

"I honor pain" - Mr. Nasty

Devourer of Villages
My favoritest game series of all time. Bring it back Rockstar!

Pablo Henao
I would LOVE to see a 3rd Manhunt game. I remember playing the original on the Xbox back in the day and I wanted to try out 2. Hopefully, Rockstar will return to this franchise and like the website says, explore more of the lore of the first game.

Juan Santiago Rimagnoli
Yo Manhunt was the most scary not scary game I ever played, sometimes i still playing it agains coz of the lulz and chalenge, really cool to see it again with the power of the new generation, probably lot of kids gonna be traumatize like me! Kappa

Bradley Lynch
these were some of the best stealth/horror games ive played and they amaze me everytime id absolutely  love to see what they can do with the technology they have available today!

Louie Valdez
Rockstars best game ever made. The first is nothing short of a piece of art.

Stormcloak Shreds
This comment is pretty self-explanatory.

Javier Rojas

Jack Drew

Timothy Montgomery
Both these games are great and to see a third would be amazing. Stranger things have happened n gaming lately, so it's not inconceivable.

Chase Medley


Much love to valiant video

John Rodarte

Please! This is such a unique game, and concept, just to go to waste.


Wes Lee
We need it

Carlos Guzman
Man hunt 3 plis

Marcel Lafuente

Joel Castanon
I think this game like Doom 2016 deserves to be made there is an audience out there for this game and would to see a possible continuation of James Earl Cash Story and more of the snuff film ring Starkweather was involved in!!!

paulie gunn

Oliver Erdmann
Bring it back Rockstar!


Manhunt 1 remake with modern day graphics, modern day vhs filters? Oh hell yeah

i need manhunt 3 in my life man lol


Gaming has grown leaps and bounds since the early 00s. Number 3 wouldnt take the same heat that the original game did. Max Payne and Manhunt were the games that turned me into a lifetime gamer. The gritty universe that both of those games were able to create was mystifying. Imagine it today.

Linus wundelbrand


Nate Doggie Dog
Fuck Yeah, of course they need to make another Manhunt the last ones were brilliant especially the 2nd idk why some people hate on it, I guess they don't have the balls to handle such gameplay

Awesome games, they have to make another Manhunt game

Hello world

Edgar Soto


Loomis The Toad
Truly there is more background story that fans NEED to know! Who in the hell is Mr. Nasty?! With current (2020) gaming development there is so much that video game developers can produce in a third addition!

Best game i ever played so far, very underrated

Caleb Ferguson
Please make a Manhunt 3! I'm sure that everyone wants Manhunt 3 or even a remake of Manhunt 1.

Rubem Correia

Nicholay Gark
Awesome Game

Return to Carcer City

George Bakewell

Luis Silva

Chase Kneller
I really loved Manhunt 1 & 2 i wish there was a 3

Pls r* make it or I will fly to Scotland just to poo on r* Edinburghs doorstep.

Plus one more signature

Danny wafer
I want manhunt 3

Pablo Leyva

Anthony Beausejour
I am totally amazed this website 08/19/2020 still works haha. Well Take-Two what's it gonna be?

Tyler Miller

Manny Huntington
Manhunt!!! If they can make the Friday the 13th for ps4, they can make Manhunt 3. Give us a break!!!

Cash J.

original manhunt is a classic and id love to see a third installment

In a world where everyone is offended by everything, WE NEED MAN HUNT 3! I would personally like more back story to James Earl Cash.

John Gates
I do believe that this series could come back since we have game series today that could be considered even more graphic than manhunt. The general mentality towards violent games today being much different from that of the release time of manhunt 2 could make this possible if done right as well.

Bryce Caesar-Walker
manhunt forever!!!!!

Andrey malc
Из России с любовью. Manhunt top

Leo Kasper
As much as I wish for a Manhunt 3, this petition wont do anything for it. Rockstar changed for the worst and the Manhunt Series has been dead for over a decade.

Andrew Zuccaro
Il sangue e il brivido fatti videogioco, RIVOGLIAMO MANHUNT!

Dominic Slash
Manhunt 3 deeper and more depth in story and gore. Hopefully it goes back to its origins of a snuff film unlock MH2.

30/10/2020-fantasmas de la carretera volveros ha vuestros horigenes llankis hijosputa anarkia punk y libertad degerados



cristian alexander samboni coral
please manhunt 3 :3

Okram Celkrk

Richard Rodriguez
What a fantastic idea.

Mike LC
You demanding that from Rockstar? You will have an easier time finding employment in the shithole Carcer

Mad Armed Man
This is the game that has no analogue. And probably will never have any.

We need a Manhunt 3 NOW >:D

Mr. Nasty
I love manhunt series and manhunt 3 is in a high demand.

Jay Moore

mmmmmm patas


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Patrick Beaton
I doubt Manhunt 3 would really sell but fuck it, Rockstar has the money to make it


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Please. This game made my childhood

Leigha Cleaver
I’m signing this petition with my boyfriend in mind. He grew up playing Manhunt when it first came out, and I know it’s very important to him. This was one of his favorite games as a child, and I wanna do whatever I can to bring that nostalgia back for him. :)

Paul hochschild
Favorite game

Nedixson Aguirre

Dating is a chance — a chance to meet someone new, a chance for them to introduce you to people, places and things that you never knew that you’d love. 

Manhunt rocks ass! Would be great to see a new generation sequel!

Igor Henrique
just make it happen

Jack Price

Juan Pablo
Don't know how tfck I ended here, but the LORE is awesome, we all want a new Manhunt game and fuck faggs.


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Carl Beldotti


Jared Lynch
Make it!


Ищу каналы с сериалами на ютубе по примеру этого, н&#1


The Smile
hi, i am from russia




Homeless Hairless Rat
Boys we will make this happen

Manhunt is my all time favorite horror and stealth based game. Amazingly designed, thrilling gameplay and deserves to be continued. Where's Mr. Witchetty!

Adolf Hitler
Yeah, considering that Manhunt 1 was great, I love to see a Manhunt 3 coming out after GTA 6

Lets make this happen, together.

jim jumbo
less go

David Copperfield

Santos M

Joe Baca
We want Manhunt 3! This franchise is way too notorious just to be shelved in the past like bullshit!

Jacoby Caldwell
Manhunt 3 less gooo!

I'm from Russia, and this game in our country have amazing success, despite that fact we have: especially butcher's killing, scary atmosphere, total madness and many of this things. This game can't be considered as a cruel game, which can do a people mad, force them kill each other. Don't be silly.

Ricardo Baptista

Tommy Vercetti
We sign the Manhunt 3 petition with hopes for Rockstar to make it! EVERYBODY SHARE THIS PETITION!

Hunter Morgan

Scott Frontin
Another installment to the Manhunt series would be a warm welcome back to Rockstar's psychological horror gem of a franchise. So much more can be done with the material!

Jesus Abreu-Gil
What’s a better time then now?

Seth Wolfe
Do it for the loyal fanbase of manhunt!

Konrad Gnyp
We need Manhunt 3

witchety man
we’ve been waiting on a manhunt 3 for a long time. I want to find who took my shoes!!!! please help me!!!!!!

Vincent Madison
Loved the first, sad the second didn’t follow up the story too much. Would love to see more of the first games story in a third title

Chris Wota

Sven Preusch
I would love to see Manhunt 3. I loved the first one and the sequel was pretty good too.

Shuvam Mukherjee
What goes on inside a man's head? We'll have to see.


Derrick Michael Howell
The original game is a story I really want to be expanded. And with modern games just imagine all the gritty dark things that they can get away with now

moe lester

Boy gotic

The Ouch Guy
and make it so we're able to kill the guy who designed the crane parts in the first game


i would glad to see manhunt3 comeback to it's original roots and hopefully there wouldn't as much shooting sections as the last game that's all

the first 2 games are one of my favorite games, i hope they will make a 3rd one too. that's why im signing this.

the first 2 games are one of my favorite games, i hope they will make a 3rd one too. that's why im signing this.

Ulises Limones
The creepy snuff film urban legend style horror of manhunt was very interesting and creepy like it could happen in the dep web for real or sumn i think that it would be a stealth horror hit if rockstar decided not hold anything back without censores also having refined gameplay remake or sequel!

Love the Manhunt‼️

Liam C
Manhunt 3

Johnny Lira


Hey rockstar, i need manhunt 3, stop squeezing GTA V and start with this game

Bhuvanesh D
Really Rockstar had the balls to cross the line over this game and this is the reason why I love them. Manhunt is an art. Would definitely play manhunt 3


Nathan Hernandez
Manhunt 3 should become a new game that can impact this generation like the first Manhunt did 17 years ago. I can vision a good story for this game

Let’s hope Rockstar Games gets the fuck off the GTA5 porting bandwagon and makes a new manhunt game.



Thomas Lee Griffith

We need manhunt 3 It must happen since the first game was very good lets see how cash will turn out! or a new story like piggsy before he went crazy.

Nadia Romantini
I would honestly prefer Manhunt 3 over GTA 6 lol

I really loved the first Manhunt: its gritty aesthetic, suspenseful gameplay and interesting lore made it one of my favourite stealth horror games, and I also liked the sequel. I'd love to see R* make a next-gen Manhunt 3 with Mr. Nasty as the villain, it has the potential to be a truly great game.

Make manhunt 3 great again

anna doroshenko
who knows? maybe one day...i played both manhunt like 100 times. im fricking basing my personality off this game. jesus give us manhunt 3

Love and support from your biggest fan Evan cutthroat cash :).

Retro/VHS styled horror and gore is what modern horror games need!

Jasford Muldoon
A gem from rockstar in the glory days